Want to Be a Hero?

I watched the movie “Titanic” for the first time this weekend. Credit for it goes to my 7 year-old son Jacob. I am not sure why he got interested. Nonetheless for his benefit, my wife pulled out her VCR version with Hebrew subtitles bought years ago in Jerusalem. I got curious, took a peak, and was hooked.

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D Warp Drive

Star Trek’s warp drive is the single most complicated and powerful component of the USS Enterprise. It is the device that has allowed humanity to access deep space, making contact with alien lifeforms possible, and has changed nearly all technological civilizations in the Milky Way.

5 Movies to Enjoy This Christmas With Your Family

It may not feel like it, but Christmas is just around the corner. November is already upon us, and within two months, it’ll be that time of the year again when the everyone gathers together to celebrate family and togetherness.

The Soloist – Friends, Love and Music

The Soloist is a very inspiring film, similar in nature to “Resurrecting the Champ”, yet quite different. The movie is based on a true story, about a reporter who befriends a homeless, gifted musician. The movie provides a view on schizophrenia, and how sometimes all you can do is be supportive. It also focuses on the theme of love, and how it can relate to music. Nathaniel Ayers loves music so intensely, it is the only thing he does in his life.

Entertain Yourself With Bollywood Gossips Videos

Bollywood has a huge fan following not only in India but across the world. New technology and innovative concepts in the film making process have been able to attract the attention of movie goers successfully. Their craze has increased so much that people are eagerly looking for Bollywood Gossips videos on the Internet.

Movies! They Keep Us Going!

Sometimes, there is nothing better to do than watch a good movie. But did you know how much of an impact movies have on our lives? Since movies combine sight and sound, they serve as a powerful outlet to connect with our inner selves, and help guide us along some of life’s greater challenges. If you are an outgoing person, chances are that you like watching positive movies, and vice-versa. Movies are also not expensive to enjoy, and it can be one of many great hobbies to acquire in life. So watch more movies, they keep us going!

Ray – Fighter, A Character Study

After seeing Ray, I gained admiration for both Ray Charles, and Jamie Foxx. Foxx, for playing the role brilliantly. And Charles, for facing adversities and darkness every day of his life, and making it through the struggles. This character analysis is written based on Ray Charles as seen in the movie. The truth is, no one can begin to comprehend what it is like to be in the shoes of Ray Charles. To face pitch-black darkness every day, while the light of fame shines brightly on the outside. Strength and willpower were 2 traits that Charles developed over time, but it cost him dearly.

Three, Story of Betrayal – From Bollywood With Love

Three is a story which is about the happenings in a accommodation in a place called Purple lake. The story revolves around, Mrs. Anjini Dutt (Nausheen Ali Sardar), who is married, and is also a violin teacher and is running the house with whatever she earns.

Someone Put Michael Bay In Check!

Michael Bay can make a good film, but someone needs to remind him that it’s important for a film to have an actual story and not just consist of a series of random explosions. With a good confidant, Michael Bay could get back to making good films.

Halloween Horror Movie Night – Zombie Movie Recommendations

Zombie movies originally debuted back in 1932 with the release on White Zombie with Dracula star Bela Lugosi in the role of the zombie. The American film is also the basis for the band White Zombie who took their name directly from that film. Zombie movies have gone through many phases and many stages since then with Night of the Living Dead being the film that many feel is responsible for re-inventing the genre. Here are some recommendations if you’re planning on watching some horror movies for Halloween.

Halloween Horror Movie Night – Universal Monsters Recommendations

A Universal Monsters movie marathon should be more than just a once a year event! These are some of the movies that started it all and have been cited as movies that inspired many of the great horror writers and directors of today and yesterday working in the film industry. The franchise actually started with a silent era in the 1920’s but the Golden Age of the 30’s and 40’s is where the most popular and best movies are.

HBO Vs Showtime

The two contenders fighting for “Top Premium Movie Channel” currently are HBO and Showtime. These premium cable networks not only offer great movies, but are now becoming known for “hit TV series”. Lets breakdown these two “Heavy Hitters” and see which one gives you more bang for your buck.