Satellite TV Viewers of All Ages Can Enjoy the 101

There is always something new happening in the world of satellite television. Recently, one satellite provider has taken on a new channel that offers a world of new entertainment to viewers as well as rewarding fans of one of television’s finest shows. This new channel, called The 101 has a host of exciting entertainment to captivate viewers.

Enchanted Available Direct From Satellite TV HD Pay-Per-View

Little girls in our nation today are devoted Disney princess fans. With the treasured favorites, such as Cinderella and Belle of Beauty and the Beast, branching out into second and third films it is not surprising that they are getting so much exposure. Ask any five year old what sort of birthday cake they want and it will typically be one of the many Disney princesses.

Satellite TV is a Sports Fan’s Dream

There is no better place to watch sports on television than on Satellite TV. There are more live sports broadcast on Satellite TV than on any other cable or satellite provider. There are many different sports channels to choose from and many options no matter what sports you follow. Satellite TV offers plenty of great options for the sports fan in your home. The NFL Sunday Ticket is one of the most popular sports packages and is now going to be available again this year. For NASCAR fans there is HotPass.

The 4th American Idol Judge – Who is Kara DioGuardi?

Despite the fact that American Idol was the most watched show of the 07-08 season its ratings were down over the previous year. In order to combat this they have chosen to shake things up a little. Kara DioGuardi will be doing the shaking.

Entourage – A Real Look Into Hollywood Life?

For the past five years, Entourage has been one of the biggest hits on HBO. The premise of the story is based on Mark Wahlberg’s early career in Hollywood; indeed, he is credited as the show’s creator, and is also listed as a producer.

Holiday Movies That Are Fun All Year Round!

Who says that it actually has to be a holiday for you to enjoy watching a holiday movie? Some people get quite a lot of enjoyment out of watching Valentine’s Day movies in September and Christmas movies in June.

Hollywood After the Winter Hiatus

This has certainly been an extensive fall season. Usually most of the prime time shows enter their winter hiatuses the week after Thanksgiving.

Jeremaih Johnson 1972

Jeremiah Johnson is a 1972 film directed by Sidney Pollack. Based on the novel ‘Mountain Man…’ by Vardis Fisher – a very well respected writer from Idaho.

Charmed – Fiction Or a Dose of Real Witchcraft?

One of the most amazing television shows that really held me captive for years was the “witchy” show entitled “Charmed”. I mean, who could resist sexy successful women with cool superpowers that range from telekinesis to premonition to having the power to freeze time?

Teaching About 9-11 – Six Exceptional Films That Can Bring the Story of 9-11 to Life For Your Kids

Don’t wait until your kid’s first history final to get them hooked on history. Treat them to a weekly movie that educates at the same time that it entertains. Your kids will thank you once they head to class. Here are six of my favorites examining the history of 9-11.

Teaching History – Richard Sharpe Is a Brilliant Mini-Series That Introduces Tweens to Napoleon

Learning about Napoleon need never be boring again, not since a British television drama, based on the books of Bernard Cornwell, hit the airwaves in 1993. Featuring Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean, this fifteen-part series follows the career of Richard Sharpe, a fictionalized British soldier fighting in the Napoleonic Wars.

The Dark Ages and Three Fun Documentaries That Bring it Alive – A History Teacher’s Perspective

I teach history and have been searching far and wide for entertaining but accurate films about the Dark Ages only to be disappointed ninety percent of the time. Imagine my joy when I discovered not one, but three excellent films about the Dark Ages. They also happen to be extraordinarily family friendly…