Scotland in Film

You might think it would be hard to write an article about Scottish films, but in fact the contribution Scotland has made to the world of film has been almost as enduring as the difference made by Scots in the field of invention. This is an article about how much Scotland has featured in the world of film.

Prime Time TV In The USA

Every night, the networks and cable stations bring to your living room a great variety of show. It is hard to say any more “there’s nothing on TV tonight”.

Kate Bosworth Loves Horses

Who would ever thought that Lois Lane is an award winning equestrian way back before she joined Hollywood bandwagon? I’m talking about Kate Bosworth of the Superman Returns fame.

Actors – How To Get A Talent Agent

Many aspiring actors imagine the first step in building their showbiz careers is to “be discovered” by a talent agent. While a talent agent will eventually be important to your career, there are several very important steps you must take before an agent will even consider working with you. In this article, I’ll examine the very first step: training.

Six Feet Under

There is nothing better than starting your Saturday morning off right. After a cup of coffee and a nice calm walk around the park or perhaps its one of those peaceful rainy days in bed, a favorite way to spend this special time is watching a 4 episode mini marathon of Six Feet Under.

Blood Roses

At the age of 16, I saw the movie American Beauty with friends and was not impressed. Like a good book or album, that you just can’t get into; I was hopeful and had to give it another chance.

Top 10 Oscar – Best Actress Predictions

Which 5 Ladies will be nominated in the best-actress category and which of these actresses will win the coveted Oscar for Best Actress at the 80th Academy Awards on February 24th 2008? Here’s the latest hotlist of the 10 most serious contenders.

Top 10 Oscar – Best Picture Predictions

Which 5 films will be nominated in the best-picture category and which of these movies will win the coveted Oscar for Best Picture at the 80th Academy Awards on February 24th 2008? Here’s the latest hotlist of the 10 most serious contenders.

What Makes Popular TV Shows So Watchable?

Millions of people around the world got hooked on a television series a few years ago. They watched as a plane crashed on a seemingly deserted island and the survivors struggled to continue their lives as hope of rescue started to dwindle.

Reality TV Stars – What Happens When the Show Ends?

Reality TV is more than just a passing craze. After the first episodes of Survivor in 2000, it was pretty clear that reality TV is here to stay. Sometimes, going on a reality show propels contestants to success, even if they don’t win their show. Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from Survivor to hosting The View and Jennifer Hudson lost American Idol but won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls. But not everyone is equipped to handle their newfound stardom.

Paid TV – Buying Media Online – The Good Virus that Can Help Spread a Marketing Campaign

The internet is providing paid TV-like advertising opportunities. Most of the companies that are buying paid TV-like advertising online are buying in blocks of a three month period. Many companies are analyzing how the benefits of this type of advertising have an added advantage in reaching, as well as tracking, a wider audience.

All About Home Theater Systems

We are a nation of movie buffs. Even the smallest town proudly boasts a movie theater, and each new release is highly anticipated by aficionados of celluloid. But the film itself is only part of the reason why this pastime has remained popular over the years.