Television – Changing Times & Satellite Movies

Television has changed over the past twenty five years. One time it receives only several channels from stations by antennae and there is always intermittent static and snow. Another time you get many channels by cable and it is more expensive than antennae.

Why Is Anime Not A Fad?

Many of teenagers really enjoy Anime nowadays but will it go away just like other trends of the past? The answer is no, from this age and time and I will explain to you why anime is here to stay.

How To Get Entertainment And Enjoy Yourself

I would say the best place to enjoy your favorite nosh and a movie would be at home. May it be in your jammies or jeans, in your undies or in a monkey suit. Whatever duds you have on IT’S the food that makes the movie!

Miss Potter

Mention Beatrix Potter, and images of popular children character ‘Peter Rabbit’ come to life. Delighting children with her magnificently illustrated books for generations, the real Miss Beatrix Potter had managed to keep her own private life locked carefully away from the maddening crowd for decades. Enter American actress Renee Zellweger…

Downloading VS Streaming TV Shows

This articles talks about 2 methods of watching your favorite tv shows if you miss them. Due to our busy daily life, we may miss some of the tv shows in tv. Then we have to wait a long time for re-runs. But with the recent improvements in online video streaming technology watching your favorite TV shows online is easy.

iTouch Downloads – Getting The Hottest iTouch Downloads Ideas

Informative itouch downloads ideas. The iPod Touch Downloads ideas and getting life entertained with itouch downloads Unlimited. Take time to consider these tips.

The Top 20 Gripes I Have With Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

This article points out some gaffes/oversights (some out of frustration, some for humor’s sake) that I was hoping Jackson, New Line and Weta Workshop would look into before filming, “The Hobbit”. While I am guessing they weren’t waiting to hear from me and my 2 cent opinion, I at least wanted to put it out there.

Comedy Meets Frankenstein

Frankenstein has taken on many forms since the novel was written by Mary Shelley in the 1700s. He has been reproduced in many different movie adaptations, some serious and some not so serious. This semester we have studied a bunch of these adaptations and the most recent, and most interesting, was the comedic spin taken by Gene Wilder in his film version of the story, Young Frankenstein. This essay will outline the main concepts that Wilder kept and how he made the story go from a tragic drama to a comedy.

Expelled Exposes Giant Problems With Evolution Facts and Manners

The movie, Expelled, has exposed the intolerance of leading Darwinists to teachers, professors and information that contradict their long held theory. Although the scientific contradictions with science are striking and numerous, the real point of the movie is the blatant intolerence of anyone that disagrees with evolution.

I Am The Elephant Man – Documentary or Reality TV?

A brief review of BodyShock’s “I Am the Elephant Man”. Broadcast earlier on Channel 4 UK.

Funny Games – It’s Not Funny

I am still to watch the the 2007 remake of the film, but I have just finished watching the 1997 German language version (above). Bearing in the mind the most recent film is a remake of this one almost shot-for-shot I wonder if there still is much point going out to watch it. The film in undoubtedly dark and makes for some pretty tortuous watching – as you already know.

The Business (and Sometimes Art) of Music Video Treatment Writing

I receive several e-mails each week from people asking me how to break into the business of music video treatment writing. As I have written over four hundred treatments for various record labels, artists and directors, I have some insight into this area. There are several elements to consider when writing a music video treatment and I will try to outline them here.