Pinewood Studios 2.0!

No-budget filmmakers envious of the long credits of Hollywood blockbusters should look to the web’s vast pools of creative talent in order to make their movie projects. By combining social networking and video sharing, movie makers could create an online film studio along the lines of Pinewood 2.0.

I’m Hooked on Reality TV Cooking Shows

I have a fascination for reality cooking shows but I’ll confess that I’m not really a good cook. Some of my favorite shows are Hell’s Kitchen, Dinner Impossible, Iron Chef America, Chopped, No Reservations and Bizarre Foods to name a few.

Zombieland Movie Trailer is Shockingly Fun

One movie this year, will leave you laughing at hardcore zombie killing! If you’re looking for an edge of your seat thrill ride down zombie lane, then Woody Harrelson will be your very own tour guide to the abyss. I haven’t had this much fun, since watching “Shaun Of The Dead” on a blind date with Amish woman!

Adventures in Television – The Good, The Bad, The Joy, and The Sorrow

Memoirs of a middle-aged, former television addict on how television brought joy, laughter, fantasy, even sorrow, into his world at an early age. Some of his fondest memories and saddest days come from his electronic babysitter.

2012, the Movie

Based on predictions surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, Emmerich directs box office stars John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, and Oliver Platt. While Emmerich admits that he is a 2012 skeptic, he acknowledges that the concept is excellent for a movie, especially a movie with the epic special effects expected in an Emmerich movie.

Oprah Winfrey’s Height and Weight

What is Oprah Winfrey’s Height and Weight is a question which probably most of her fans would love to know. Many would be curious as we always tend to compare our body statistics with a famous celebrity whom we love or adore.

Film Review – District 9

A review of District 9, a new science fiction film. The script was compiled from a short story.

Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox – The Divorce Story

Did Vanessa Williams Divorce Rick Fox is a fact that most of her fans would love to know as the two seem to be intimate even after divorce proceedings were initiated leading to speculation that there could be a reconciliation some time soon. Her marriage to him was her second and they have a daughter named Sasha Gabriella. The marriage started hitting troubled times once photos of his surfaced kissing and hugging a woman.

David Letterman – Tarnished Star

He has a huge following on late night TV. He is witty and he is very funny. But Letterman can be quite caustic and you have to cringe at some of the things he says during his monologue or to his guests. He has been very cynical (and very funny) in his comments about philandering politicians and other famous people. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Dave Letterman must admit he is a hypocrite.

Dororo Finally Hits the DVD Shelves This September – The Eagerly Awaited Story is Finally Here!

Dororo is a new movie based on the manga series from the 1960s by Osamu Tezuka, who also created Astro Boy, and after a lot of hard work, Dororo is finally hitting the big screens and will feature as a live action film. The main character will be played by Japanese superstar Kou Shibasaki and there will also be appearances from Satoshi Tsumabuki who recently starred in The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. It’s set to be an action packed movie with bits of comedy thrown in and with anime fans throughout the world, it’s likely to be a huge success.

A Look at Some Movies With Magic in Them

Movies with magic can be a great escape and way to relax as anything can happen in a movie with magic. While many times movies with magic are thought of as just kids films there are actually plenty of movies that have magic that are just for adults and many movies can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. The following describes just a few of the movies with magic for everyone.

Misa Campo and Her Rise to Fame

Misa is new on the scene; this 22-year-old model has been the highlight of most men magazines and has kept the world curious about how far she can take her success. She was originally born in Montreal Canada and was moved to California at a young age, to live with her father.