European Film Academy Awards, 2007 – Still Looking Backwards

Every December, the European Film Academy presents awards to the best European productions of the past year. It is a much anticipated and inevitably, much criticized event both for what it is able to do and what it is not. It brings the biggest and most interesting players together in one place for one night, but in its present form it has trouble deciding what it wants to do once it gets them there: confirm past recognition, point in new directions or encourage individualism and creativity?

John Christopher Depp II (Johnny Depp)

There are a lot of things said about this actor who took the world by storm with his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. But before all this recognition there was a time when he took roles which were either written off by other actors or had no monetary gain for the studios which produced them.

The History Of World Movie

The above article is a brief discussion on the history of world cinema. Here we have discussed the silent era of film making and how it started.

Colorized Movies – Time For A Second Look

There was a time when the term “colorized movie” was so derogatory it would bring an angry, scarlet flush to the cheeks of movie purists. Oh, it sounded like a great idea in the late 1980s… until I picked up THAT VHS tape of It’s A Wonderful Life and discovered Jimmy Stewart’s face was as green as a Roswell alien.

Hot and Gentle Jennifer Garner

You know her as the tough ass-kicking chick, CIA Agent Sydney Bristow, on the hit television series Alias. But do you know that in real life, hot and sexy actress Jennifer Garner is such a soft and gentle lady at heart?

Music, Movies And Games

The weather is nasty, the satellite or cable is out and you need some relaxation and entertainment for yourself or for family time. Why go out when you can do a few clicks on the computer and download any of more than 80 million DVD quality movies?

Why Does Michael Bay Focus So Much on Robots?

You have visited the website of Michael Bay lot. I know that I do. Otherwise, how will I know what Michael Bay is thinking? But I must say I was disappointed in his New Year’s Eve entry.

January March At The Movies

When I look over the next few months, I see a vast wasteland of stupid comedies, non-scary horror movies, dramas and boring: the studios know that this is a fallow time, with the return of children in school and adults who nest in the winter cold, and, as usual, they are saving the good things for later in the year. But there are, surprisingly, quite a few films scheduled for January, February and March that look like they could be good, and that could help me keep my sanity until the likes of Indiana Jones 4 and the new Batman film is released.

Passion – A Review of Sorts

In the years since Mel Gibson’s excellent depiction of the crucifixion, “The Passion Of The Christ”, there have been a number of questions raised that need to be answered. You need to know, before you decide to continue reading, that I am a Christian and a student of the Bible. That may mean little to you; each sect or division of Christianity has its own peculiarities where Scripture interpretation is concerned, and my own peculiarities are no exception.

Syriana Review

This whole movie which might sound grave in its outset is shown with such pace it almost makes it devastating. It sort of hints at what we have done to ourselves by making us greedy and hungry for power just in the name of oil.

Old Joy

This is a story of two friends (Kirk and Mark) who go through the forests of Cascade mountains, east of Portland to find one thing a sense of regret. There is a whole lot going on in this story in these characters minds. They meet each other after a long time which creates a broken bridge of communication between which is not evident in the beginning but it creeps through some of the later reels.

Velvet Goldmine

This is the second Todd Haynes film I have reviewed. There is a lot of diversity which is really hard to let go off. He is really good at detail which creates another wordily feel to the film.