A Brief History Of Television

Get to know how television evolved into using today’s digital broadcast. It may even be accessed from one’s computer.

Spiritual Themes in Transformers the Movie

The origin of life must be supernatural. There must be something to spark life into lifeless dirt or metal. Life, especially consciousness, is an inexplicable mystery.

Zeitgeist The Movie – The Greatest Story Ever Told

This is the second of five articles in an article series about a very controversial political documentary that is playing on Google video right now called Zeitgeist the Movie. Very important information. A must read.

Katherine Heigl Hailed As Entertainer Of The Year

I knew it, Dr. Izzie Stevens of the hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy made it to Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Top Stars of 2007. Watching her crack her jokes and display her antics in her recent movie Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl really stepped a notch higher from a teeny-bopper to a bombshell. As we look back her humble beginnings in film and TV no one would ever thought that she can go this far. At least all her hard work pays off as she got a whole bunch of movies and TV assignments intended to feature her acting prowess.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

We all remember the creepy department store Santa Claus in A Christmas Story putting his boot on Ralphie’s forehead-pushing him down the slide and destroying his hopes for a Red Ryder BB gun, all in one fell swoop. A part well-played by Jeff Gillen, nevertheless, this movie Santa Claus understandably gets votes as one of the worst movie Santas ever. I mean, if that kind of Santa was at your local mall, would you take your kid?

Download Full DVD Movies In Minutes

It used to take hours to download full DVD movies. Technology has progressed so quickly that with the powerful computers and high speed internet connection we have, it is possible to download full DVD movies in a matter of minutes. To download full DVD movies online is something which you might want to consider.

Why Do We Love Violence In Movies?

Movies and DVDs are popular forms of entertainment, there is however a lot of controversy surrounding their content, especially when it comes to violence. This looks at the effect that violent entertainment has on children and tries to solve the question of why it is that we are drawn to violence.

Overlooked Movie Titles

Every year, American movie critic Roger Ebert hosts this festival in his hometown called “The Overlooked Film Festival”. It’s made up of films that are (in his opinion, at least) worthy of great acclaim, but haven’t received it.

Nancy Meyers Comes Up With a Winner – A Romantic Comedy That Really Works

Christmas is coming soon and everybody is busy getting ready for another holiday season. A movie can be great comic relief. We want to be entertained and interested by a story that keeps us attentive and has a happy ending. Nancy Meyers delivers what we need as the writer/director of “The Holiday”, a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Eli Wallach.

Movies and Television on DVD, But Where is the Technology Heading?

Movies have been on the DVD format since approximately 1995. It’s now 2007 and new technologies are emerging to try and entertain us with our games, movies and TV program in new and exciting ways.

How to Download Full Length iPod Videos Cheaply and Instantly

Full length iPod video downloads are one of the most frequently downloaded media files in the world today. Since the iPods come with huge capacities in multiple Giga Bytes, they can carry dozens of movies and videos. Where and how can you download full length iPod videos cheaply and instantly?

The 1965 Film Alphaville And Important Political Implications

Jean Luc-Goddard’s masterpiece Alphaville is a classic of French New Wave cinema. Though at its surface, Alphaville is nothing more than a hard-boiled detective film about computers that run society, the power and importance of the film takes clearer shape as one probes deeper. It’s an intoxicating concoction of science fiction, film noir, and radical philosophy. Goddard crafted Alphaville into a harrowing and timeless vision that will haunt the minds of generations. And this is a good thing!