Blu-Ray is Superior to HD-DVD in Terms of Capacity

There has been much hype about the “war” between Sony’s Blu-Ray technology and the HD-DVD technology of Toshiba. Both are high definition digital video disc formats but then factor that will reveal the outcome of the war is what format will be most appealing to the consumers.

The Big Heart Of The “Reign Over Me”

As most of the previous work of Adam Sandler “Reign over me” has a big, kind and honest heart! There are certain people in our world who have this unique talent, and are able to see and feel “This Heart” – others just go to see comedy or call themselves “critics.”

High Definition TV and the Makeup Artist

What will HDTV mean to the makeup artist? Even experienced artists will need to read this.

Two Silly Oscar Party Games

Get out the glitter; don’t forget the balloons for these Oscar party games will really make your Oscar party a lot more fun. As the guests arrive have them choose personas for the party from slips of paper in a mixed bag.

Record TV Shows While on Vacation

You probably aren’t aware of it but there is a good chance that your digital video recorder has the ability to be programmed to record specific TV shows from places other than your living room. This might sound a bit strange at first but let me try to explain how this works. You are especially lucky if your digital video recorder happens to be a TiVo.

Madagascar Themed Kids Party That’s Easy To Put Together

Almost everyone loved the computer animated movie Madagascar, and probably so did your kids so put together a Madagascar theme kids party for them. If you find that your little ones are always watching the show, then you can be certain that they love the movie.

All About American Idol

American Idol is a sensation across not only America but even in many countries across seas as well. There’s just something people love about the idea of some unknown person coming out of nowhere and becoming world famous overnight.

Miss Universe Pageant

“Miss Universe Pageant” is a chronology of the history of Miss Universe (1952-2006). Currently, Miss Universe Company is one of the most important anti-AIDS organizations in the Third World.

Identity Theft 1970’s Style – To Catch A Thief – The Hoax

The reinvention of Clifford Irving – infamous with a whole new generation and applauded as the ‘Pioneer of the White Lie.’

The Greats of Classic Television – Introduce Them to Your Family Tonight

Are you a classic television fan? This article discusses the benefits of introducing your family to the Classic TV Greats.

Where To Find A Superman Returns Poster?

Since the introduction of the internet it has become increasingly easy to find posters of almost anything and with so many internet stores around you will be sure to find a superman returns poster at a great price. Where Can I Find a Celebrity Poster?

Make Up for your Lack of Size with Hyperspeed Fisticuffs

He’s one of the most recognized and famous actors and martial artists in Asia and one of the few actors from China who has gained wider fame outside of Asia.