Two Top Cable TV Comedies in 2009

There are so many great comedies to watch on TV, and so little time. From the network television successes like Two and a Half Men, The Office, and 30 Rock, to the cable television programs, there’s a wealth of great TV out there every week. Here are two enjoyable comedies on cable TV that you might like watching if you have a little more room in your day.

The Recently Released X Anime Series is Now Available on DVD, But is it Really Worth the Purchase?

Clamp is one of the best creators of manga in the world and his hit X has just been released on DVD by MVM. Basically, it’s an epic anime adventure offering something for everyone, but is it worth buying? Well, after reviewing the facts, we’d have to say yes. It’s not going to be everyone’s favourite thing but if you like anime and action then you will love it. The new DVD has a preview episode to help new viewers understand the characters so even if you’re unfamiliar with the manga series, you can still enjoy this story.

The TV Anime Series X, Created by Clamp Has Been Released on DVD – But is it Worth Watching?

A new DVD has been recently released by MVM and it’s based on the manga series by Clamp. X is a new anime TV series that offers a little something for everyone. To be honest, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like anime and action then you should like this new series.

Get Ready For the Change Over With Freeview Installations From Specialists

There has been a lot of talk of the change over from terrestrial television to digital viewings. There are many options today that means people don’t have to pay prices that they perhaps cannot budget for.

5 Great Older Movies For Children

I can remember some of the movies my parents shared with me growing up. Some of them I simply felt were too old, as many of them were movies they had watched themselves as children. Then there were other ones that were definitely exceptions to the rule.

Three Great Movies From the Early 2000s

It’s scary to think that a whole decade has just gone by, which means that the movies I’m about to mention are almost ten years old each. They all came out during the beginning of the decade, and I suppose they could almost be seen as classics at this point. Anyway, I hadn’t seen these movies in a while but always loved them, so I decided to see them again.

The Real-Life Appeal of Televised Reality Shows

Reality shows continue to top the list of fan favorites amongst all TV programming. What is the appeal, and why are viewers so drawn to this type of show? Many avid television watchers state that the shows are just a lot of fun to watch.

How to Handle a Difficult DP on the Set

Every once in a while the DP of choice becomes the DP Diva, and then the shoot becomes absolute agony. Speaking from personal experience, it’s a situation that makes you want to open up a yogurt stand and forget you were ever involved with television production. From requesting last minute lenses, lights, and dollys to being nasty and even yelling at the crew, a situation like that can be untenable. But this is where you have dig deep into the center of your producer soul, strap on a pair of balls and get the show produced with the least amount of collateral damage.

Working With an Editor

Watching an editor edit can sometimes be like watching a speck of water evaporate from the table. It will feel that slow and yes boring. When working with an editor there are several things I’ve learned over the years, and one of them is never sit in the same room leaning over their shoulders waiting for them to make the next cut. It’s absolute torture for me and it’s probably annoying for the editor to have a producer tell them to shave five frames off the head of a dissolve while their still in the middle of cutting the piece.

Lindsay Lohan Repeats Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Legendary Photoshoot

Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Lindsay Lohan photo shoot was a tribute to the legendary actress. The photos of Marilyn Monroe were shot in the year 1962 and Bert Stern the photographer clicked a lot of pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

Oprah Winfrey Genealogist

Oprah Winfrey Genealogist is a well documented study of how Oprah Winfrey has triumphed over all the troubles in her life to emerge one of the most powerful women in the world. Genealogy traces one’s family roots dating back to our ancestors.

Film Making Through Virtual Reality Sets

Filming for an artificial environment is considerably different to filming on location. With professional productions the subject filming generally takes place first with the virtual set being created and applied in post. However, conversely, with smaller companies without the post production budget, filming may take place after the set has been chosen, with filming conforming to the environment. This establishes a number of predefined factors. Your shots, the lighting, and subject positioning have all been decided for you.