Media Choices That Matter

Choosing the trendy, the titillating, the tawdry in the TV programs or movies we watch can cause us to end up, if we’re not careful, choosing the same things in the lives we live. As faithful latter-day saints we too should be remaining true to our personal standards we should be choosing entertainment mediums that are uplifting, that are clean, and that help us stay focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and that don’t leave the door open for Satan to weave his destructive web of immorality, innuendo, and deceit within the walls of our homes.

Renting New Video Releases On The Internet

What kind of entertainment do you prefer? Are you the kind who prefer TV serials and like the anticipation of waiting for the next episode to find out what happens next or would you rather have all the lows and crescendos in a two hour flick and know the entire story?

Finding Your Way Through The Weeds, Television Production

So, you have begun. You have taken the first steps. Perhaps you have already enrolled in the class to learn about television production or perhaps you have even graduated already.

Satellite TV For PC – A Wise Decision?

Why is television so expensive? Everyone should be asking themselves that. Why can they produce radio for free but charge us up the wazoo for television. I am frustrated and I think we are being taken for fools.

Town History DVD

Do you like to travel and meet interesting people? Are you handy with a video camera? Do you have video editing and filming skills or know someone who does? Are you a savvy film director at heart? Do you like to do research on people and places in history? Then you are the perfect person to create a series of Town History DVDs!

Horror Movie – Attracts the Movie Lovers

Industry of movies offers numerous kinds of movies. These are particular genres of movies which entertain us. They make us laugh, make us cry and sometimes makes us scare also, but in any case we get entertained and feel excitement.

Mind Control At The Movies

You probably have spotted that some movies make you feel good, even incredible while others bring you down. This can be easily explained when we take a look at how mind perceives what we see on the silver-screen. And the fact is that our psyche treats movies way more different than conscious part of mind.

Buy New DVD Releases, Cheap DVDs & Discount DVDs

Lowering prices on new DVD releases? The movie industry tries to fight the surge in cheap dvds and discount dvd sales with lower prices.

2009 Nationwide Switch To Digital TV Network Broadcasting – Boon To Small Biz and Bust To The Poor?

All-Digital Network TV Broadcasting will change everything, that is for certain, but how much, and who will benefit from this change, and who is likely to become more marginalized by it? It’s for certain that this event is going to occur, how are you preparing yourself and your community?

Oscar’s No Award Winner

Movies have gotten much worse since in the last several decades. I went to the movies three times last year, and after watching the dizzying kaleidoscopic scene changes every two seconds I pledged never again to torture myself by going to see another “new” movie.

Want To Know How No Charge Movie Downloads Work?

If you are unsure about how no pay movie downloads works, you are not alone. Most people feel that there are very few things in this world that cost nothing. More or less, products that come with no price, are generally associated with very little value or no value at all that you want from them. In other words, you will only get what you paid for. That is why, you may have wondered about how the concept of legit no charge movie downloads actually work.

Best Known Dance Films

Ever since Al Jolson spoke the first words on screen in 1927’s The Jazz Singer, singing and dancing have been a big part of the movies. Here are some of the best-known films involving dancing over the years…