Goodbye Movie Rentals

I love watching movies. Not just new releases but also old classics. And the type of movie I would like to watch (comedy, drama, fiction etc) depends on my mood and keeps changing with it. Initially, I used to rent DVDs from the DVD rental library near my house. But it was somehow frustrating as most of the time the film I was looking for was not available, or the DVD was already given out to another member.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Story of an ordinary man’s journey against insurmountable odds to reach his goals. It is a real life story.

Character Profile For The Uncanny X Men

The Uncanny X-men is a story about humans and mutants living together as one nation but that didn’t last long. Humans hate them as they are just pets, some called them freaks, they hate them because of what mutants can do, and because of how they look like. As for the discrimination cause by human, one mutant create a school for his kind to help them control they’re powers and make them stable of what ever they do.

The Emanating Industry of DVD Equipments, Gadgets and Appliaces

People have been talking a lot about DVD’s, honestly it took me a little while to know more about this technology. Digital Versatile Disc or simply DVD is on the run together with the computer industry in todays raging pace of the technology era.

Catch The Action – The Pulse Pounding Transformers 2007 Movie

The heart pounding Transformers 2007 movie a must see for the entire family. The Transformers 2007 movie grossed more than 700 million dollars while it was in theatres because it is an absolutely fabulous movie.

The Riveting Spectacular Transformer 2007 DVD

The 2007 Transformer DVD this summer’s big blockbuster. It can be difficult to find an action packed movie the entire family can enjoy.

The Toys From The Transformer TV Show

The toys and memories of the Transformer tv show. Twenty three years ago a cartoon came out that changed children everywhere.

Is The Hype For Real – The Transformers DVD Release

Many fans of the popular 80’s show Transformers are eagerly anticipating the Transformer DVD release. This movie was quite a hit in the movie theatres and many people saw it more than once. As the Transformer DVD release date quickly approaches many stores are expecting them to sell out quickly.

Buy Movies Online

Watch movies on original dvd and vcds by online booking services with online movies store. Select movie, buy it and enjoy with just a click.

When In Rome Visit The Film Festival

The actual title of the festival in Italian is Festa, which could be translated as feast, not festival, and is apt, since it is more a celebration of the joy of cinema than a regular film festival. Indeed, though the Rome Film Festival’s jury includes a renowned director as its president…

The Transformers – The Sensational Sizzling DVD Release

The Transformers, robots in disguise. You have likely heard this promotional slogan more times than you can count lately. The Transformers were very popular more than 20 years ago and they have definitely made a comeback in 2007. Those who were skeptical that the new Transformers movie would be able to compare to the episodes of the 80’s were very happy to admit they were wrong.

How To Get Into Screenwriting

Getting into screenwriting requires a variety of steps. Step one is to learn how to write scripts. There are a number of books in book stores that show you how to write scripts. Most bookstores sell some of the more popular books that teach you how to write scripts.