American Idol: The Antonella Barba Situation

This whole Antonella Barba thing has gotten way, way, way out of control. Think about it. This is an American Idol contestant, a 20 year old girl, who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Yet, people are calling for her head. Here’s the situation for those of you who don’t follow online gossip blogs.

Tyra Banks Strokes Katherine McPhee’s Breasts

Katherine McPhee, runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol, has had her share of unpleasant rumors since her exposure to the limelight. The most distinct and up to date gossip about the pretty singer is that her distinct and voluptuous breasts are not real.

Smallville: 6.14 “Trespass” Recap

The previous episode of Smallville called “Tresspass” centers on Lana, again having a stalker, which leads her to an unexpected hideout, Clark’s house, and Chloe’s reassessment of her feelings for Clark after her break up with Jimmy.

UFC – The Evolution of Insanity

Ultimate Fighting Championship. A few years ago it was the antonym of professional fighting. Brutal, no holds barred fights pitting bare knuckle brawlers from all over the world against each other in its infamous octagon with one end in sight, total physical annihilation. Careers were ended in these shoddily produced pay-per-views, and lives ruined forever.

Tyra Banks Launches Virtual World

One way to catch a glimpse of America’s Next Top Model’s Tyra Banks is by chilling out on her very own virtual world entitled “Tyra’s Virtual Studio.” With a distinct artistic interface to give the users a customized “Tyra” experience

Survivor: Fiji – Sylvia Kwan Voted Off

Another irksome contestant on Survivor: Fiji has been voted off! Sylvia Kwan from the tribe of Ravu, was eliminated after spending eight days on the island and is the third contestant to leave the popular reality show.

LOST Gets Back to the Beach!

Tired of the concrete and steel ensemble saturating the ambiance of the third season of LOST? Well, say hello to some wet and wild adventures as LOST sets out to the beach, and say goodbye to the gloomy fortress, at least for the mean time.

Agatha Christie, a Master Writer, Invents Inspector Hercule Poirot, a Master Detective

The made-for-TV movie “After the Funeral” is based on one of the 41 murder mystery novels involving the proper, obsessive little Belgian inspector Hercule Poirot. The character of Poirot (played to perfection by David Suchet) was created by the famous British author Agatha Christie, whose books only have been outsold by Shakespeare and the Bible. Agatha Christie wrote her first Poirot novel in 1920 at the age of 30 and her last Poirot novel in 1975, 55 years later and a year before her death in 1976. She is arguably the best mystery writer ever.

Amazing Grace – Amazing Movie

Amazing Grace is a must see film based on the true story of British statesmen William Wilberforce. It focuses largely on his fight in the British parliament to end the slave trade that Britain was so economically attached to.

Can I Apply For A Blockbuster Card Online?

These days you can do just about everything online. You can buy, sell and trade things or to find out information on just about anything or anyone. But there are still a few things you can’t do online, and one of them is to apply for a Blockbuster membership card.

Timeline Of Mobile Suit Gundam

The Gundam franchise has spanned over 25 years, spanning multiple TV shows, movies and OVAs over many separate time lines. Here I will clarify which series belong to which time line, so you can decide how to best get started.

B Horror Movie Night

If life throws you a concrete block, instead of a strawberry flavored snowball, don’t feel badly. A good low-rated B movie will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. In the days when money was tight, I always new I could go to the middle isle of Blockbuster and pick a winner. Now it is your turn!