Reflections on the Muppets

Some memories of the Muppets; Jim Henson’s gift to us all. A new movie in the works and pleasant thoughts from the past.

How To Entertain Wisely In Today’s Online Marketplace

Hello there. We live in an ever changing world. And it grows more and more rapidly by the second, especially online. The World Wide connection through the web has forever altered our existence and certainly the way we receive our entertainment.

Expelled the Movie – Ben Stein Exposes Flat World Academics

No movie review in history as far as I know starts with instructions about how to watch the film. Expelled is a documentary and contains hundreds of interviews and deep conversations with some of the most highly regarded minds of the time. It has a rhythm and a depth that requires full attention and you may want to forgo the popcorn, soda and other distractions.

Download TV Shows

How many times have you been disappointed to have missed watching an episode of a favorite TV show? As soon as that happens, you think of your friends who have been telling you regularly that the easiest solution to the problem is to download free TV shows from the Internet. It’s possible to download free TV shows, but then you have the worry of the likelihood of those downloads being illegal.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Overview

Have you watched Mobile Suite Gundam 00 yet? If you have not watched it, it’s a must see. This article, I will explain to you the overview of Gundam 00 in its first season that was just completed on 3/29/08.

Download Heroes Episodes – Websites You Can Download Heroes TV Show Episodes From

Since award-winning Heroes TV show became so popular, thousands of people are looking to download Heroes episodes from online sources. The serial is entertaining and inspiring and grasps your attention immediately. No wonder it has a huge fan base.

Crazy In Love Katona Is Pregnant And Still Smoking

Katona is thought to have started smoking again after the treatment, but has cut down significantly. She said: “I’m only on 3 or 4 cigarettes a day and I’m desperately trying to quit.”

My “Cold Case” TV Fantasy – Getting Lilly and the “Cold Case” Detective Squad Busted!

I watch “Cold Case” on CBS regularly even though I admit I hate the shows Detective Squad as well as how each case is solved by an unnecessary confession from the killer and then the victim’s ghost appears like in a music video, the end. No, I’m not on crack! The thing I hate most about “Cold Case” is the detectives attitudes.

Cast Iron Profits From Iron Man?

May 2008 sees the latest blockbusting adaptation of a Marvel comic, so let’s look at ways you can profit from the film ‘Iron Man’. One way to do it is to set up your own movie site. It could either be a general movie site, or it could focus on a genre like comic book films. Or it could even be a site *just* about Iron Man, a mini site. However you go about it, you will have to set up and run your site, and generate traffic to it.

Watching Free TV Show Downloads On Your Computer

Missing an episode of your favorite show is something that nobody wants to experience. It’s tough when you’ll be watching the next episode after missing one, because you’ll be wondering what happened during the last episode that lead to the events on the current episode. That’s the bad thing about watching TV series seasons, since you’ll have to watch every single episode so you don’t get lost in the events. Good thing that you can download videos for free and watch them on your computer so that you won’t have to miss a thing.

Wall-E Robots Visit Homes

Disney is launching a series of programmable robotic toy products! In conjunction with the launch of WALL-E – the new animated feature from Disney and Pixar starring an adorably dorky robot – in summer this year, Disney will be releasing an innovative line of robotic toys. Amongst them are the iDance Wall-E dancing boombox, the Ultimate WALL-E robotic toy and the remote controlled Tinker Bell flying toy.

Nicole Richie and Gemma Arterton

If anyone wants to spice up their love life, they should take tips from Nicole Richie. To spice up her relationship with Joel Madden, she has ordered dozens of sexy innerwear sets. The Simple Life actress, who gave birth to the couple’s first child Harlow Winter, has stocked her wardrobe with lacy lingerie.