The Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life

Movies speak to me very deeply; in a way many people don’t understand. When I’m watching a movie I’m not just using my eyes and ears, all of me is involved in the total experience the movie is offering. I temporarily live in that world with the characters and I’m open to learning whatever I can from the story being told.

Exposing Kids To Black And White Films

There are so many new and different kinds of movies that we watch today. We have so many different venues in which we can watch them. We can still go to the theatre and see them when they are first shown.

Still Leo’s Hot Girl – Bar Rafaeli

Dream on, girls! The hot and sexy Israeli model Bar Rafaeli is reportedly back in the arms of every lady’s fancy and desire – Hollywood heart throb Leonardo DiCaprio. The couple was spotted holding hands in Hollywood before Christmas 2007.