Movies and Concessions – Survey Says

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to the world of theaters and concessions. When did it all start? How did it evolve?

Keeping the Integrity in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Well, It is about that time again, So You Think You Can Dance will soon be gracing our TV’s and thoughts. While I look forward to the show every season, I can’t help but to be skeptical of the integrity for this next season. I clearly remember last season at the end of Hollywood week, Nigel telling one of the contestants she is amazing but doesn’t have the personality and to come back next year when she has developed more of one. Once he said that I immediately became discouraged by the judges and the “want” to watch the show.

What Are the Past Winners of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Doing Now?

We all love “So You Think You Can Dance” and the contestants. We especially love the ones we voted to win the show. One question remains on our minds though, what are they doing now that they have won. For some it has been as long as four years, and for others, not even one year. Here is a look at what they are doing now since winning SYTYCD.

Miley Cyrus is Growing Up!

Teen idol Miley Cyrus is growing up. Not just on her Hannah Montana TV show, but in real life as well. Learn how she’s dealing with life on the far side of her teenage years with this article.

Recap of Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 7

J.D. McCoy doesn’t have a charmed life and the last episode of Friday Night Lights make that evident as he fights to fit in with his fellow Panthers. J.D’s father is averse to football and makes socializing an impossible thing. J.D. learns to have roaring good times from Tim in Dillon while Matt and Julie spend an entire night on the beach. Landry meets an elfish guitarist (Devon) while Tyra is expected to give Cash some advice on killing and hiding bodies.

Who is Miss Swan and Why is She Funny?

Are you curious to know more about Miss Swan? Here is some quick information about her, and why we find her funny.

The Top Movie Directors of All Time

There are many great directors, but few are worthy of being called the best. This is a summary of the top movie directors of all time.

All the Pretty Horses – a Lost Treasure

For a lot of us this wonderful movie has been lost since the year 2000. I have read several reviews rating this as a poor movie but I found it to the contrary; an excellent and spellbinding movie that left me wanting for more!

It’s Another Real Chance of Love

Rumors are that the love searching duo brothers, Real and Chance are at it again. Real Chance of Love 2 where the two brothers invite 20 women into their home as possible love interest.

Fast & Furious – Old Kids on the New Blocks

The 2001 hit was been told to make a comeback with the same cast, but not in the same universe. Perhaps that is why grammar catapults, logic takes a vacation, a cohesive plot structure follows and the laws of gravity are defied. But there’s no denying the point that the fourth one in street-racing series tosses out the niceties through window and trampled over and over again.

When TV Soap Becomes Tragedy

Is Eastenders the best show on TV? Are the soaps the modern heirs of great tragedy?

Top Movies Based on Books

Every time I hear of a new movie coming out based on a popular book, I instantly hear people complaining about a “lack of creativity in Hollywood”. The same voices say “why not write something original”. I think these screenwriters that adapt novels into movies are gifted at least!