Anubian 2207 Movie Idea

The year is now 2207. All oil rich Anubian gulf nations have had their oil reserves run dry from beneath their feet. In less than a decade ago, the richest cities of the Anubian Gulf were transforming into landmark ghetto cities.

The Nightmare of Life in Death

A Film Review: DEAD MAN Title: Dead Man Date of Release: May 26, 1995 Directed and Written: Jim Jarmusch Genre: Western Main Characters: Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott and John Hurt. The Nightmare of Life in Death Plot: William Blake arrives in the town of Machine, in extreme western frontier of America, to work in a factory as an accountant; but he has arrived one month late and he losses the job. In the first night of his …

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci (Born February 12, 1980) is the fourth child of Mr. Ralph Ricci, a lawyer and psychiatrist and Mrs. Sarah Ricci, a real state agent and former Ford model. One of the most remarkable faces on-camera. A combination of angelic, sensual, peaceful, and troubled girl. There’s this whole complex of energies going on, which is really fascinating.

A Film Review – “Dead Man” (1995)

This is a film review of Jarmusch’s “Dead Man”. The film concentrates on the life of an accountant called William Blake.

Putting Parental Controls to the Test – Dish Network

One of the biggest problems in the average family home in today’s time is what the kids can see on television. It can be hard to constantly monitor what they are watching while you are attempting to complete your everyday chores around the house. There are parental systems you can buy but they cost so much it is crazy.

Satellite vs Cable

Trying to decide between cable and satellite TV can time consuming. Let us help you weigh all the options before you make the choice.

Has Anybody Heard Of “Turner For President”?

You’ve never heard of William Turner? Or his plan to withdraw all the US military from around the world? Let’s face it: now it’s about Iraq; before, it was Somalia; before that was Vietnam… Well, if you haven’t heard of Turner yet, probably you will. He is the fictional main character in “The World Without US”, a new docu-drama by Mitch Anderson.

Download DVDs For Free – Is It Legal?

What is I told you there is an actual way to download DVDs for free? Well by now if you have been online for longer than a few months you probably heard this before.. However you must be very careful because most of these sites are scams and all they do is take your money.

2007 – Year of the Game Show

2007 was the biggest year for primetime game shows in memory. Over the past several years it has seemed that primetime could only handle one hit game show at a time. 2007 changed that, big time.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montana plays a double life in the Disney television series “Hannah Montana”. But why is this show so popular? What lies beneath this double life?

How to a Enjoy a Subtitled Movie – A Starting Point

A short introduction to enjoying foreign films. You know, the ones where they talk funny and have words on the bottom of the screen.

The Wonders of TV Broadcasting and How it All Works

We all watch it every day and take for granted all that it brings but have you ever stopped to ponder for a moment how the actual programming that you see on your TV is created and then delivered to the viewers such as yourself? You might be surprised to learn all the goes into broadcasting your TV programming. Of course it all starts with the program being created and then recorded but after all of that work is done the tape itself is handed over the the broadcaster, who then has the task of sending it out to their family of viewers.