A Breakdown Of The TV Rating System

Sometimes the letters and numbers confuse many when it comes to the TV rating system. This should help clear up the confusion.

Heroes – Why Has This TV Series Been So Successful?

Most Heroes fans, me included, will agree that there should be no end to this popular drama, as this would leave a huge vacuum in their otherwise dull and mundane lives. Everyone needs a hero in their life.

Independent Urban Action Movies Heat Up

Independent urban action movies are heating up the movie market both domestically and internationally. Hollywood studios like Universal Pictures (American Gangster), Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation (Live Free Or Die Hard), Columbia Pictures (We Own The Night) Warner Bros.

Spiritual Truth In Evan Almighty (Starring Steve Carell)

The movie Evan Almighty is loaded with spiritual truth. For example: God hears and answers our prayers. Even better, God answers our prayers with divine extravagance.

Animation Japanese

The world of animation has many different niches that can be covered. You will find that for people who are interested in animation Japanese style animation is taking off quite nicely. The influence of this style of animating can be seen in a number of different forms and countries.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2, Episode 1

Heroes is an amazing show, and this season is holding up as awesome as the first one. It’s really too bad that so many people have been missing out on these last episodes, so I’m going to help you guys out by running through a few of the episodes you may have missed. Today I’ll be outlining Season 2 Episode 2, named “Lizards.”

The Ultimate Career Strategy

Have you ever wondered why people with enormous talent in the film industry never seem to get a break while others with little to no talent get job after job? If you are one of those who have worked your butt off but seem to be making little progress then you have yet to understand the one secret to effectively market yourself. It is not so much about hard work and talent but more so on this one key factor that when applied correctly can skyrocket your career.

Heroes Season 2 Episode 2

Heroes has been rocking this season, but I realize that not everyone has had the good fortune of catching every episode. Because I care and stuff, I’m gonna run through some of the plots of the episodes so that you can catch up! Today’s feature is Season 2 Episode 2: “Lizards”.

Science Fiction Movies – Enjoy The Fantasia

Demon Seed released in 1977 beautifully screens the stories of the threat of supercomputers becoming saturated, The Omega Mann is about biological warfare and 28 Days Later is about plagues. Another aspect of the astronomy, the black-hole exploration is magnificently shown in the Event Horizon.

The Golden Compass – Navigates to Nowhere

The Golden Compass is the film based on the first novel in a trilogy written by Philip Pullman. The darkly twisted theme is based on witches that are heroes, angels that are homosexual, a church that is bad and a god (allusion to God) that dies at the end of it all.

Dancing With the Stars Broke My Heart

The Dancing with the Stars finale fell short on ratings and on results. For every thing there is a season and a time under heaven, but the time for a female winner of Dancing With The Stars has yet to come. Indeed, a man has won every season, but this time the victory for Helio Castroneves was a hollow one.

Dancing With The Stars

Have you been sucked into the new TV shows like Dancing with the Stars? My wife can’t get enough of it, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. As you know most of my articles are about ways to help you make money on the internet. The thing is the same type of ideas that they use for Dancing with the stars and many of these shows are what makes a good marketer, and can be used to help YOU make money online. What I am going to share with you is a very important part of being successful online in your marketing business.