What Are the Various Types of Movie Special Effects?

There is a wide range of techniques that is used in the special effects industry today. These innumerable techniques have been developed and refined over the years, providing an ever-increasing sense of realism to extremely complex scenes. You have front projection, back projection, compositing, cel animation, clay animation, computer animation, camera motion control, rotoscoping, stop-motion & go-motion animation, puppetry, pyrotechnics, stunt and sound effects and a host of other elaborate procedures. The list keeps growing with time, and sometimes older solutions give way to newer and more sophisticated ones.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Saints is a film to be recognized for years to come, and has set the mold for future coming-of-age dramas. Hopefully there will be more from young actor Shia LaBeouf (whom has come along way since his stint on Disney’s Even Stevens) in flicks that do not quite rely so heavily on special effects rather than character development.

Why We Love the Apprentice

Why do we love The Apprentice so much? Sure, it’s an award winning show, but what makes it water cooler worthy?

Family Guy History

Does the recession have you down? Do you find yourself angry, sad, mad, stressed?

Hollywood Actor Jeremiah David Turner Among Winners at the CineVegas Festival

Turner appears in the film Etienne!, an independent feature film about “the little things in life.” The film was locally produced and shot on location throughout California, and follows a young man on a journey with his hamster, Etienne. Etienne tells the inspirational story of a guy who takes his special dwarf hamster on a bike trip after it’s diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Basic Video Editing

Basic video editing not only preserves your digital media but it can bring out the best features of your video and really add the drama and emotion that is hidden beneath the surface. Converting your media to digital is just the beginning, with some basic techniques you can improve the quality of your video too. The following is a quick guide to basic editing techniques that can help your next project shine.

65th Anniversary – The Americans on D-Day – US Soldiers Remembered

“The Americans on D-Day” is a compact and concise examination of the United States’ part in the June 6, 1945, Allied invasion of Normandy. Considering the enormity of the actual D-Day undertaking it might sound hopeless to present a comprehensive account in a documentary with a running time of 44 minutes, but producer-director Richard Lanni has come up with a well organized documentary that provides a clear outline of the events of D-Day.

Leading Men in the Movies

It is a little known fact that it is easier for male actors to get work than female actors. This is mainly due to male dominated movies but how long do male acting careers last? Here are a few leading men who have managed to withstand the test of time in the acting business.

Do TV Reality Shows Ruin Relationships?

My kids love reality shows. I mean if I were going to be honest, I would say that I’ve also been watching them and loving myself for years. Didn’t it really all start with MTV’s Real World way back when? Well, okay then. I was there. That’s why I believe that I can safely give an educated opinion as a spectator and as a therapist that I’ve seen reality shows do more harm then good to real relationships.

A Scanner Darkly Review

Ever so rarely there is a moment in cinematic history when a film defies the captivity of its genre and explodes as a landmark of originality. Scanner is a sci-fi flick from director Richard Linklater, whom also created such independent classics as Slacker (1991) and Dazed and Confused (1993). Yet easily as those prior films can be categorized as “coming-of-age”, Scanner transforms into more than its label represents.

Watch Movies on Your Xbox 360!

Now that Microsoft and Netflix have joined forces, it is now possible to watch movies instantly through your Xbox 360. This truly is the next generation of entertainment!

Which Final Fantasy Cosplay Costume Represents You?

A series which has always been great for cosplay is Final Fantasy. The Final Fantasy series has wonderful character development that is unmatched by any other video game. Especially the main characters provide strong emotions that will make you feel attached to them and be interested in Final Fantasy cosplay costumes.