Why Is It Wise to Invest in Films?

If you feel that you have reached the peak of your success and wanting to put all your hard earned money in something worthwhile, film making is one of the best choice. Film making can be a small project or if you are confident enough, it can also be a big time venture. Now this option can sound glamorous but if you go through it by details, you’ll realize that every step in the process is worth it.

Babies – A Documentary Review

Baby butts are really funny. That is one thing I took from the documentary “Babies,” directed by Thomas Balmes and produced by Alain Chabat. “Babies” simultaneously chronicle the lives for four babies from different parts of the world from their “first breaths through their first steps.” The babies are Ponijao in Namibia; Bayarjargal in Mongolia; Mari in Tokyo, Japan; and Hattie in San Francisco.

Read Crazy Reviews For Free!

Have you ever wanted to go see a movie but you was not sure whether or not the movie was any good or not? You may try to watch television programs where they give reviews on movies, but you are still uncertain. Continue reading my friends as we discuss this subject.

Great Fantasy Films

Fantasy films are a great choice of movies to watch if you want something uplifting, exciting, and unique. Many fantasy films have a moral to the story and leave you feeling like there are greater possibilities. They tend to me inspiring.

The A-Team: Top Movie Review

The movie starts, like many top rated movies do, with the escapades of the persons who are eventually going to form The A-Team. Liam Neeson as John ‘Hannibal’ Smith like his other movies on the top 10 movies list is fantastic. He is in a prison in Mexico which is under military rule of General Javier Tuco, played by Yul Vazquez, whose acting prowess is going to place this movie in the top movies list. Hannibal escapes and assembles the team while the movie shifts to Iraq eight years later and after the team has completed some eighty missions.

The Book of Eli: Top Movie Review

In a town on the west coast Eli, a role done perfectly by Denzel Washington, like he has always done in his other top 10 movies, searches for water after his long and tiring journey during which he had to rely on hunting for food and fight hoodlums for survival. The town he enters has been built by Carnegie. This role by Gary Oldman shall put this film in the list of top rated movies. Carnegie is in search of a book which can give him control over many such towns that he wishes to build. Eli enters the bar and Carnegie finds him a literate man like himself, so he offers Eli to stay and offers him food and shelter.

Cop Out: Top Movie Review

The movie is a rip-roaring comedy about the situational goofs committed by a pair of honest cops. The film has been written by the brother duo of Markand and Robb Cullen, authors of many top rated movies of Hollywood and directed by Kevin Smith, whose many movies have featured in the top 10 movies list. Cop Out is the only movie, among the many top movies in his career that Kevin has directed but not authored the screenplay. James ‘Jimmy’ Monroe, played by Bruce Willis, star of many top 10 movies and Paul Hodges, played by Tracy Morgan, another star who is always in the top rated movies in the circuit, are two honest cops in NYPD who are celebrating 9th anniversary of togetherness on the force.

Batman Begins: Top Movie Review

When Warner Bros., makers of some of top 10 movies of all times, decided to fast forward the dwindling fortunes of their Batman series, they choose Christopher Nolan, director of many top rated movies, who by now has established himself as a ‘Thinking Director’ with the success of Memento, one of his top movies. David S. Goyer, writer of many top rated movies, was chosen to writer this new Batman movie, but Nolan had a different idea. He wanted to present the story of origin of Batman. Nolan chose Christian Bale, who has some of the top 10 movies to his credit, to star as Batman and lined up an impressive array of co-stars.

The Greatest HBO Shows Of All Time

In the past ten years or so, HBO, as a network, has really stepped their game up. Practically every show they produce is at the very least, enjoyable to watch. Some of their shows have gone on to become classics, and others have simply become good ways to kill a half an hour.

My Top Five Favorite Showtime Series

One network that has quickly been picking up steam in recent years is Showtime. While it has not yet reached the level of HBO’s success, Showtime is constantly putting out new shows that are big hits. At this point in time, it is not such a clear cut decision that HBO is the better premium network, and the race should only get closer in years to come.

Nickel-Eye’s The Social Network Review

We live in a country where nearly half of the population has a Facebook account, over 125million users in the United States alone. Facebook is a large part of the way we interact in our increasingly digitally connected world. Facebook pages by their very nature are not necessarily accurate representations of who we are, but rather venues to display whom we often wish we were.

Cavemen Movies – The Men Who Say Ug!

Possibly the earliest film to focus on the perils of life in the age ‘before a book was written’ was the 1912 short called The Cave Man, a one-reeler featuring Ralph Ince (who also co-directed with Charles L. Gaskill) and Edith Storey. Sadly no print of this film is known to exist at the time of writing, but the fact that the character list features such names as Eric and Chloe can only leave film historians scratching their heads in bemusement at exactly what kind of cave dwellers are involved.