The Greatest Films From the Illustrious Career of Morgan Freeman

One of my absolutely favorite actors of all time is without a doubt Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman has been in so many amazing films that the man deserves a separate award from the Academy Awards. Not only has he been in such a high number of quality films, but most of the films he has been in are at the very least, enjoyable movies.

My Favorite Samuel L Jackson Films in Recent Memory

If you want to discuss prolific actors that are currently churning out movies year after year, one actor that is on the top of the list is without a doubt, Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson has been in well over 100 major motion pictures, which far exceeds…

Film Review – The Runaways

I had my doubts that ‘The Runaways’ would deliver more than a cliche-ridden, made-for-TV plotline peppered with a enough profanity to push it into theaters. Fortunately, this is one punk rock biopic that, much like the film’s namesake, defies the odds.

Custom Bobble Heads – Use Them to Launch a TV Show

In any industry you’ll be facing a lot of competition and your competitors will all have their own strategies to promote themselves or their business. That statement is never more true than if you’re going to launch a TV show. There are more established TV shows out there and even up and coming shows that are gaining the support of fans. This is where you can use custom bobble heads. It’s a great way to get ahead of the competition.

What Are the Best Offers Available For Sky Television?

For people who live in UK, there are lots of entertainment and excitements waiting for you. Sky TV is offering great packages for new and existing subscribers.

My Top Five Favorite Movies Starring Al Pacino

Any time you want to discuss some of the greatest actors of all time, living or dead, one person that has to be put into the conversation is Al Pacino. Since his early days as a young Michael Corleone, Pacino has been on a path of greatness and has starred in over 30 films. The following films are my top five personal favorites starring Al Pacino.

My Favorite Tom Hanks Movies in Recent Memory

Tom Hanks seems like a good guy. He has never said anything off screen that has turned people off and the roles he chooses consistently are likable characters. Even in Catch Me If You Can, in which he played a detective on the chase of the protagonist, he still wasn’t a bad guy.

The Best Bruce Willis Movies in Recent Memory

One actor who always seems to come up in the discussion of great actors of my generation (early to mid nineties was my prime) is Bruce Willis. It is not just my generation however; Bruce Willis continues to churn out excellent high action movies to this day. This article will discuss my top five favorite Bruce Willis films from the past two decades.

The Best Robert De Niro Roles in His Long Career

Any time you are talking about the greatest actors working today, one actor that is always in the discussion is Robert De Niro. It does not matter if he is starring in a drama, comedy or even animated film, Robert De Niro’s enthusiasm and love for acting always seems to shine through. He has done it all, and deserves to be as successful as he is.

The Jones Movie – Detailed Analysis (Spoilers)

The movie The Jones is a good movie but is highly flawed. It is a bit thought provoking. Read a spoiler heavy analysis below.

3D TV is Coming!

3D television is the next big thing in the home entertainment market, and reckoned by most TV manufacturers to have a bigger impact than HD (high definition). Sony has said that it believes by 2014 over half of all television sets sold will be 3D.

My Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Films of All Time

Where do we begin with listing Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies of all time? Ever since Titanic was released, the man has had his pick of the litter when it comes to choosing movie roles. Maybe that helps to explain why most of his movies are at the very least, enjoyable if not amazing.