All Time Greatest TV Sci Fi

TV has bred some of the most beloved characters and storylines ever to come out of the Sci Fi genre. In this short article we’ll look at the best TV Sci Fi series ever.

Watching Movies on a Budget

Times are tough for almost all of us, it seems the very price of life raises more and more each year. With the price of so many of the necessities of life on the rise, it seems hard to find any extra cash to just go out and watch a movie with.

IHLS Takes Bollywood to Old School Romance

I Hate Luv Storys offers some scintillating music for everyone in love or not. Bollywood has got its love back this one for sure. I Hate Luv Storys has the love quotient in every song it the album.

The Top 5 Leading Ladies Showcased on Satellite TV

French auteur Jean Luc Godard once remarked that filmmaking is basically ‘boys filming girls.’ While that has changed a lot over the years, there is no shortage of fascination with today’s top leading ladies. From Meryl Streep to Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz to Cate Blanchett, modern cinema has plenty of excellent actresses. With today’s movie packages, you can go back in time and see an entire body of work before checking in on the latest releases. Here are the top 5 leading ladies being showcased on satellite TV.

Six Great Beach Movies to Watch on Satellite TV

If you can’t jet off to a tropical island or incredible resort city this summer, how are you going to plan to relax and recuperate? There’s the option of trying to recreate the same environment in your home or apartment, but sitting there spritzing yourself with a fan while wading in a kid’s pool just doesn’t cut it for most adults. The better option is to soothe your soul with entertainment. After all, flipping on the television and surfing channels while the air conditioning is turned up and the fans are going at full speed is the sort of thing that will keep you endlessly entertained, even if you can’t afford to jet away to Cabo or the Hamptons. And with HDTV sets so affordable these days, you can get the right kind of entertainment at home for a price that’s not going to be a problem.

5 Highlights of Satellite TV On Demand Programming

No one likes to be boxed in by the whims of television programmers. After all, the habits of internet culture have carried over to the other mediums. Most satellite TV viewers want to call the shots when they sit down for a bit of home entertainment, and fortunately that is quite possible. The easiest way to get it done is simply by flipping over to the On Demand stations and ordering whatever it is you would like to see next. Here are 5 highlights of the current On Demand supply.

Movie Stores Versus Redbox

Where do you rent your movies from? What statement are you making from where you rent? It’s probably a bigger statement then you think. Find out what more about the giants and the little guys.

Horror TV Makes Big Comeback With Supernatural – “Who You Gonna Call?”

I ignored this show for so long, simply labeling it as a ‘Buffy and Angel’ copy and then I sat and watched an episode called ‘Monster Movie’, beautifully directed and acted, with great comedy timing…I was in love. So I watched the first season, second season, third and then the fourth, and now avidly watching the fifth and final season of this amazing show.

Music For My Video – Where Can I Find Music For My Video Or Film?

Let’s say I am a filmmaker or video maker and I need music for my video composed. Thanks to the new power of the Internet, there are a multitude of new options available.

Want to Make a Film With a Tiny Budget?

I think at one time or another, all of us fancy having a go at making a film. There’s a load of reasons why we don’t go through with it. Maybe we don’t have a strong enough idea. Maybe we don’t have the time.

Lord of the Rings Swords – Overview

In the Lord of the Rings movies, as in the books, weapons are indispensable to the story. Many of the swords had their own names, their own histories, and were close to being characters in their own right. They outlasted the elves, hobbits, and humans who used them.

Top 3 New DVD Releases – The Best DVDs Released This Summer

Creating a list of the best new DVD releases has been narrowed down to 3. There are a number of the DVDs released to the general public worthy of note, but these newly released DVDs have been outstanding in theaters and thus, deserve special treatment.