50 Cent Loses 56 Pounds For Upcoming Movie

Many film stars take their roles very seriously, and spend months getting into their characters. This sometimes involves either growing their hair, gaining weight or even losing vast amounts of weight.

Independent Film And Movie Financing Via Tax Credits in Canada

It certainly might look like somewhere in Hollywood, but the reality is that much film, and television projects are produced and filmed in Hollywood North, a.k.a Canada. The Canadian government at both the federal and provincial levels has moved to significantly enhance the generosity around tax credits. Business owners of film, television, and yes animation also can utilize these tax credits to form an integral part of their overall project financing strategy.

The Greatest Movies of 2009

2009 was a fantastic year for movies. There were records broken and surprise hits (and duds). We will examine the hits.

A Huge Boom in Film Schools

If you would consider along with all the big movies taken and made in Las Vegas like “The Hangover” and “What Happens in Vegas” there would definitely be a excellent possibility for advancement in Las Vegas film schools there. But you’d be dead wrong. Despite the fact that it is just a little over two hundred miles from Hollywood, it’s like an outpost in Siberia when it comes to film making schools.

The Twilight Saga – Most Popular Film of the Year

The Twilight Saga is hitting the big screen for a third time in the June 30th release of Eclipse. The Saga is expected to be one of the highest grossing of all time. See how you can get started with the Twilight movement that millions are already a part of.

Tips on Being a Voice Actor For the Cartoons

Voice actors are vital for the cartoons because they help animate the character with their special voices. Read on, you can get more information about the voice actor.

Discover Triumph With Film Schools

Tucson film schools provide students a unique chance to discover the craft of movie making in a postcard-perfect setting. As a result of its diverse and captivating natural landscapes, exciting metro area, and tax incentives for production companies, Arizona’s second-largest city is extremely regarded to Hollywood location scouts.

American Gangster Review

The movie American Gangster was a classic in itself. It was up there with Goodfellas and Casino. I really enjoyed this movie a lot!

Region Codes For DVD Replication

Motion picture studios want to control the home release of movies in different countries because cinematic theatrical releases aren’t neccessarily simultaneous (a movie may come out on video in the Canada when it’s just opening in Asia). A region code is literally a byte of data that is added to a DVD master, and subsequently added to any of the copies through DVD replication.

What About Bob Review

What About Bob is a great and classic Bill Murray movie. It is one of the best ones that he has done in my opinion.

Film Schools That Help You Make Connections

While for no reason the cinematic capital of the world, Tulsa, Oklahoma has been the backdrop for some of the most endearing films of our time including the particular Outsiders, and Phenomenon with John Travolta. Students who go in order to Tulsa film schools grasp the opportunity to be able to obtain motion picture production from among the greatest film create within the Southern American. The University of Tulsa in certain has a well-regarded program in film studies.

How to Propose While Watching a Romantic Movie

Are you planning on proposing with the love of your life? Consider doing the proposal while watching a romantic movie.