Jason Bateman: A Child Actor Moves On From His Arrested Development

As a popular child actor in the ’80s, Jason Bateman seemingly went off the radar after his show, “The Hogan Family,” was canceled in 1991. As he struggled to find work, Bateman’s career seemed to be heading towards the same early end as those of so many other young actors, until he was brought onto the show “Arrested Development.” Now, Bateman is one of the most recognizable faces in comedy, frequently appearing in ensemble pieces to critical and box office success.

Games Of Thrones – Underestimated Masterpiece or Complete Flop?

“Game of Thrones” is your classic tale of a TV series that was highly underestimated right from the beginning, by critics and avid television viewers alike. Were the assumptions right or is the “Game of Thrones” a series on HBO that would soon set records, leaving other television shows trailing in the dust?

Private Practice – The Attempt To Defeat Grey’s Anatomy

“Private Practice” enters the world of medical dramas in a way that many people really didn’t expect to see a new TV show enter a network. There’s plenty of competition with many medical dramas already winning the hearts of viewers around the world which definitely indicates that making this show a success isn’t the easiest accomplishment for anyone. Is “Private Practice” going to be the show that’s able to defeat the ever-so-popular series of “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC or is it just going to end up being seen as a desperate attempt of a network trying to make their presence…

Celebrities And Their Electronic Accessory

The world is a stage where we are just actors and actress. So are the people in the movie industry. This article is about how celebrities, like normal people are crazy for electronic accessory.

Blame It On The Movie

A couple of months ago after watching a rather strange, yet superb offering from Greek cinema titled ‘Dogtooth’; I decided to browse the IMDb website to see what other people thought of the film. Eventually I came across a thread on the message board which was discussing disturbing films; being a dedicated follower of controversial cinema I read on and found that a number of people had mentioned a film called Murder Set Pieces and so, after reading how ‘horrific’, ‘sick’ and ‘extreme’ this film was supposed to be, I added it to my ‘LoveFilm’ rental list!…

Is Premium Rush Worth a Premium Ticket Price At The Theatres?

Okay so, I’m not much into chick flicks, and I like to see a high body count, therefore I usually go for action dramas. It’s not that I am afraid to see any of those other movies it’s just that sometimes I feel underwhelmed, and to me they are a big ass-flatener if they don’t have constant action. Well, everyone has preferences, and Hollywood knows it. Nevertheless, there is a very good movie called; Premium Rush, which I’d like to recommend that you go see.

Reviews of Famous Martial Arts Movies – The Brothers Five

Out of all Cheng Pei-Pei movies, “The Brothers Five” which was released in 1970 was probably the most queer as the main female lead in the movie was not the center of the story at any time. The film might seem predictable at times with the brothers arriving one after another, but most of the time the movie is exciting and well planned.

Reviews of Famous Martial Arts Movies – Sword of Swords

“Sword of Swords”, which released in the year 1968, was the film that had many familiar faces which we were used to seeing in Shaw Brother’s wuxia movies. The movie is neither funny nor witty to amuse the audience.

Reviews of Famous Martial Arts Movies – Shaolin Rescuers

“Shaolin Rescuers” or “The Avenging Warriors of Shaolin” was released a few days before “Kid with a Golden Arm”, and is one of the best of Chang Cheh. The three important characters played in the movie were by Kuo Chi (Philip Kwok), Sun Chein and Lo Meng.

Reviews of Famous Martial Arts Movies – The Duel

“The Duel” is more of a canvas soaked in blood rather than a movie and it is filled with moments of rage and bloody encounters, filling each scene in the movie with decisive death blows and displays of ultimate fury. “The Duel” is violent although the climax reveals the director’s honest attempt to take on the political world.

Seven Psychopaths – Movie Review of the New Crime Comedy

Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken star in this ultra-violent crime comedy about friendship and vengeance. Complete with bloody references to pop culture, spaghetti westerns, and the films of Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, Seven Psychopaths is a story of contradictions.

Tim Burton Resurrects the Dead With “Frankenweenie” (2012)

Tim Burton is bringing a spooky new movie to theaters just in time for Halloween 2012. Some audience members and critics might argue the use of the word “new,” however. Debuting on October 5th, “Frankenweenie” is not exactly treading fresh ground.