The Cast of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

In 2011, Stephen Spielberg teamed with Dreamworks and Twentieth Century Fox to film the war drama “Lincoln.” Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, is played by Daniel Day-Lewis, and Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, is portrayed by Sally Field. The movie is based on a biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, written by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Hardcore Halloween: Ghost Watch

On Halloween 1992, the BBC aired a programme called ‘Ghost-watch’, and it’s place in television folklore is unsurpassed. Any child who stayed at home that fateful night may have given up the ghost on having a scary night, but unbeknown to everyone, this stay-at-home Halloween turned into an almighty shit-storm. The show was years before ‘The Blair Witch Project’, a feature film which based its terror on creating a web-site documenting the discovery of film footage in woodland.

The Reaper – Movie Review

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap” is a popular English idiom originally from Epistles to the Galatians of the Bible. The central theme and the very message of the movie was centered on the Biblical story found in Exodus. This is when the Pharaoh of Egypt was made obdurate by God Himself by not letting the Israelites be freed from slavery.

The Top Box Office Earners for September 2012

September is always a busy month in the movie industry, as the Toronto Film Festival and other movie showcases around the globe begin to introduce the big fall films that will likely compete for awards. Most studios release at least a few family-friendly films and the last of their comedies for the year before they begin releasing more dramatic fare as winter nears. A close look at the box office results for September 2012 shows a healthy mix of family films, comedies and even a few award contenders.

Best Scary Flicks for Family Fun

The latter part of 2012 featured the release of a trio of films that delivered family friendly frights. “ParaNorman” followed a young boy as he learned to adapt to his ability to communicate with the dead. “Hotel Transylvania” features hotel owner Dracula, who invites all of the famous monsters to his daughter’s birthday party, only to find a human in the mix.

Housewife Wars – My New Reality TV Show Idea

Attention cable and network executives; I have a great idea for a new game show or Reality TV series. It’s called “Housewife Wars” and is based on true-life situations in households across the United States. Actually, it is based on my life and the daily challenges that I have faced that would put “Survivor” cast mates to shame.

JJ Abrams’ Lost Revolution

The television series “Revolution” is flawed from the writers’ misunderstanding of what constitutes a lack of electrical technology. This article examines one facet of that misunderstanding, the caplock rifle, used as the standard military firearm on the show, but an understanding of the workings of the rifle demonstrates the implausibility of its use in the post-technological world of “Revolution”.

Television Aerial Installation – Get the Answer to Your Poor TV Reception

Do you know that there is an easier way for you to enjoy television watching and staying away from poor TV reception on your TV set? Getting a new improved television aerial installation is one great solution in having a clearer TV picture. You only have to choose from the variety of TV aerials and see which one works for your location.

Famous Cars – The 10 Most Popular Cars on TV and in Movies

Some cars are more lucky than others, and make it into the spotlight by being the star of a movie or TV show. There’s the Batmobile from the Batman TV show, K.I.T.T from Night Rider and the Mini Cooper S from the movie “Italian Job”, all these have helped make a star out of a car model. Read about all of them in this article.

Movie Review – Atlas Shrugged: Part II

Ever since watching Atlas Shrugged: Part I, I couldn’t wait to watch Atlas Shrugged: Part II. In case you have no idea what these movies are about, they are based on Ayn Rand’s epic ground-breaking novel, Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand published her novel in 1957.

Five Reasons to Adore Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. He reprises his role effortlessly, as effortlessly as he escapes through the maximum security prison cell in the first scene of the movie. Cruise in MI series is definitely the best rival of Daniel Craig 007 for the title of the most suave and gorgeous action star of 21st century Hollywood.

My View On “That’s My Boy” (2012)

This article sums up the movie That’s my Boy. The film was released in 2012 and it is a comedy featuring Adam Sandler.