Small Towns Without Movie Theaters Show Movies Outdoors

Outdoor movie events bring the movie theater experience outside to create a fun and unique cinema experience. Modern equipment allow outdoor movie viewers to enjoy the same high quality experience enjoyed by traditional movie house patrons. For towns without movie theaters, outdoor movies are a great alternative.

Jackie Chan’s Last Major Action Film: Chinese Zodiac

On 12/12/12 Jackie Chan will be releasing his last major action film. This article gives you a glimpse of what has went into “Chinese Zodiac”.

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

From the concept of a former president’s double life as a monster slayer to the outrageously unhinged action sequences, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will test your suspension of disbelief. Films of this nature are often hard to digest in the first place, but a more careful attention to creating a coherent narrative and a greater focus on explanation over theatrics would have better prepared the mind for the outlandish situations presented. Few rules are set for the abilities of our hero, even fewer for the foes, motives are blurry at best, and gravity (of any kind) rarely makes an appearance…

Movie Review: Pixar’s Brave (2012)

Pixar has set the bar so high for computer animated features that judgment against them is particularly strict. This works against Brave, which is unfortunately a grandly mediocre accomplishment. For any other studio, it might have been enough to be cute and adventuresome, but for Pixar, audiences will demand emotional attachment, resourcefully funny humor, dramatic poignancy, and character development that begets unforgettable personas.

Movie Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

An unending, melancholy tone permeates the entire film, once again demonstrating Steve Carell’s knack for that typical, sad, lonely character he always assumes (when he’s not the cocky, ignorant, inconsiderate “Michael Scott” persona). But unlike Dan in Real Life or Little Miss Sunshine, there are few ups and downs – the role isn’t nearly dynamic enough for audiences to invest in the somber development that keeps his plight from being emotionally involving. Similarly, Keira Knightley goes through the motions of being an unlikely companion without a convincing connection that could warrant their cross-country pilgrimage to find meaning in a world…

Famous Bollywood Actresses With Seductive Eyes

Eyes are considered the most delicate part of the human body and a woman’s eyes are said to depict her elegance and beauty. A woman can even kill a man with her bold and graceful eyes. Bollywood actresses are known for their beautiful eyes and many people often fall into the hypnotic and enticing waterfall of their eyes.

Tyler Perry’s Newest Release of the Madea Movies

Madea takes a white family in after they enter the witness protection program. The newly blended family must learn to respect and care for each other beyond race and individual prejudices.

Famous Hero Spiderman’s Journey to the Big Screen

One of the top grossers in the big screen today is superhero movies and who could forget Marvel’s famous hero Spiderman? The boy who got bit by a radioactive spider has charmed the public and was able to sell off its merchandise by storm. Among the many adventures of Spidey and his rise to fame, he was able to come up with three box office movies.

Abraham Lincoln Movie – President Vs. Zombies

Karl T. Hirsch and J. Lauren Proctor have come up with a story titled Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies and the movie is directed by a very talented director – Richard Schenkman. An American civil war is going on and suddenly there is an outburst of the zombies and the president has to save the nation from these very dangerous undead creatures.

The Rise To Fame of Classic Zombie Movies

When it comes to classic zombie movies, everyone has their own favorites, and most can still remember the first time they sat in front of the television, watching a black and white portrayal of the undead slowly, but determinedly, chasing down their bumbling prey. Classic zombie movies are still a favorite amongst diehard fans, because they lend an element of gritty morbidity that pop culture based movies seem to lack these days; while this shouldn’t take away from the latest releases within this genre, it definitely adds to the authority of the films that preceded them.

The Evolution Will Be Televised: 60 Years Later And We’re Still Watching TV

The world has changed significantly since the rayon tube first cast a foggy image on a glass display to bring us ‘visual radio’. Television has made phenomenal leaps and bounds between our parents’ era and our children’s. It’s as if our folks were driving horse and buggies while our kids have been driving flying cars. Here’s a look at the then and now of TV’s finest moments.

Home Vs Commercial Use Inflatable Movie Screens – Difference In Quality

This article discusses the difference in quality between consumer grade inflatable movie screens and commercial grade inflatable movie screens. It helps the consumer to decide whether it would be better for them to buy a consumer screen or to hire a professional movie company.