3 DVDs Explore the Importance of Music in Our Lives

Two documentaries and a movie based on a true story bring the importance of music in our lives to the forefront. The rhythms of “Wish Me Away”, “Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune”, and “The Music Never Stopped”” will beat as strong as your heart as each story unfolds.

Iron Man Will Go On With or Without Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey, Jr., became ridiculously wealthy by playing Iron Man. In fact, he made $50 million just for his work in the “Avengers” alone.

Summer Nights at the Movies

The movie blockbuster has become a summer tradition as millions of moviegoers make the trek to theaters across the country to take in a new batch of films each year. While theaters remain comfortable locations to take in a new movie, an increasing number of widely available home projectors have made watching movies at home a popular alternative. With only a small bit of work, it’s easy to set up a projector and screen anywhere there’s a few free outlets, making viewing movies under the night summer sky an enjoyable alternative.

Casualties of War (1989) Film Review

Casualties of War is a 1989 Vietnam War era Drama directed by Brian De Palma, and the screenplay is based on the actual events of the incident on Hill 192 in 1966 during the Vietnam War. Casualties of War stars Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn. John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights 1997 fame) and John Leguizamo (later would star in the Brian De Palma directed 1993’s Carlito’s Way) make their screen debuts in the film.

Sweeney Todd 2007 Review

Sweeney Todd 2007 is a musical horror film directed by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. It is an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s Tony Award-winning 1979 musical. The story is about an English Barber and serial killer who murders his customers. It was well received by critics, but was not a box office success in the U.S, overseas it was however. Helena Bonham Carter was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and Johnny Depp was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Dark Shadows The Revival Series Review

Dark Shadows The Revival Series is the remake of the original Dark Shadows Gothic Soap Opera TV Show. Just like the original Dark Shadows 1966-1971 it is developed and produced by Dan Curtis. It aired on NBC in 1991, but was canceled before the series was complete due to Gulf War Coverage. The Gulf War coverage killed the series momentum since initially it had good ratings, but the network often shifted the schedule of the show around. So it was never picked up for a second season.

Carey Mulligan Biography

Hailed as “in every way sensational” by Rolling Stone, the acclaimed stage and film actress Carey Mulligan is becoming one of the most well-known actresses on the Hollywood scene. Born in 1985 to her mother, Nano, and her father, Stephen, Mulligan is originally from Westminster but moved to Germany when she was three because of her father’s work in hotel management. There, she took on her first acting roles at the International School of Dusseldorf, where she performed in school productions with her older brother, Owain.

An Ode To Cinema

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” You may not know who articulated this particular piece of dialogue or from which movie it comes from but you KNOW this line. You’ve heard it, maybe it was uttered by a friend of yours, maybe you stumbled across it on an article or perhaps your uncle had jokingly said it once. You KNOW this line.

The Truth Behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Was “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” based on a real-life event? Vague explanations are common and seem to be the stuff of urban legend. The quick easy answer to the question is no, the film does not depict an actual event. What it was that influenced the creation of the story told in the film and how it has come to be perceived as factual will be explored in this article.

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is a romantic drama based on a novel written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald that bears the same name. It tells the story of millionaire and businessman Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) and his neighbor Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who is a graduate of the prestigious Yale University and a World War I veteran.

Top 3 Drama Movies You Should See

Classic dramas tend to evoke emotion from even the most stalwart viewer. Movie trailer footage is available for these three new dramas that will tantalize your emotions for more.

Top 3 Documentaries You Should See

Documentaries are considered works of art in the film industry, and an extremely visual way to learn different points of view. They can detail non-fiction events or interests in actual history or test new boundaries or ideas in present time.