The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark night Rises is the 3rd and final installment to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It’s been eight years since the events of the Dark Knight; a lot has changed in the city of Gotham. The city and its people are now enjoying times of peace spearheaded by its mayor and the Commissioner, with the Batman taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s transgressions the city has rallied around the death of their beloved Dist. Atty. and has used that rallying cry to help clean up the streets of Gotham. With the Batman no longer needed Bruce Wayne has become a shut it, internalizing all the emotional wounds he’s acquired over his life of loss, he is completely shut himself off from the world. But like all good things Gotham’s time of peace must come to an end with the appearance of the mass mercenary known has Bane; and Batman must once again rise and defend the city and citizens of Gotham from this new threat.

Movie Review of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

I might have mentioned this in previous reviews, but I’m not particularly a “superhero” type of gal. I generally find the idea of a person who wears spandex and a cape yet is still somehow tough enough to beat the snot out of someone, kind of—-weird. So when I agreed to take my son to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, I felt I was a prime candidate for “Mother of the Year” by #1) staying up past 9:30 p.m., and #2) sitting through a 2½ + hour movie about a man with an extreme case of fashion faux pas.

Craftsmanship In The Movie

Sure, you can also rent Sony PDW F800 or buy used video equipment to shoot a short movie on your own. Ask your family or friends to play in your movie and you can direct your first movie too.

The Dark Knight Rises Is a Winner

In The Dark Knight Rises the first light hits the screen as we see Gotham city has moved after Harvy Dent (Aaron Eckhart) passed away eight years ago and Batman took this crime on his name to maintain the trust of the people of Gotham in Dent’s sacrifice which only Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) knows is Batman’s sacrifice in reality. Batman along with his real identity Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has disappeared as he believes the city does not need him anymore and lives with his loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) in exile. A lot has changed in Gotham in these eight years as no one believes in Batman but only Detective John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt) who still waits for the Batman to return and is unaware of another storm, Bane (Tom Hardy) who is heading towards Gotham with the aim to destroy it forever. Will the Batman be able to protect Gotham and its people from Bane and retain his glory is what conceived beautifully by Christopher Nolan in this last part of his Batman trilogy.

The Absolute Top 10 TV Series Of 2012

2012 has so far lived up to early expectations. We were promised some quality new TV series this year and that promise has without doubt been delivered on. Apart from the wonderful returning series such as Breaking Bad and Damages we have seen some top class new releases hit our screens for the first time. Series such as Magic City and The Newsroom prove that 2012 may well be the best year for sensational TV programming yet. Here is my list of the best shows to air this year so far.

Slumdog Mumbai

Whew! I’m just shuddering to face my friends who will surely be waiting with daggers and guns and whatever they can lay their hands on for writing such a review about Slumdog Millionaire. But guys, again, I liked the film. Period.

Recasting Couch

Mae West was an unconventional movie star respected for her intelligence and witty one liners. On entering her twilight years she became equally famous for plastic surgery, young boyfriends and dressing outrageously. I mention Mae West because stars never truly die – they are recreated in the mind and bodies of contemporary stars. If I were to recast a Mae West movie, Madonna would be the logical choice. An ageing, surgically enhanced rock star whose past achievements are now overshadowed by an unending supply of young men, dressing inappropriately and denial that pop stardom is best left to the young.

Dream Movie Casting – Woody Allen’s ‘Spider-Man’

Woody Allen and Spider-man. While the two may seem to belong to different worlds, they actually have much in common. For instance, Woody’s films are infatuated with New York City, and what is Spider-man if not the patron saint of New York?

Be a Movie Director

Everyone likes Hollywood movies and stunning Hollywood movie stars. Have you ever dreamed of being a director yourself? You can direct a movie, which is the reflection of the world in your imagination.

Movie Review: The Watch (2012)

It’s got a great cast, an interesting setup, some hilarious dialogue… and space aliens. The Watch is stocked with immature humor, gross-out gags and crass conversations as one would expect, but once the otherworldly visitors appear, it simply doesn’t gel.

Top 4 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies of 2011

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City Of The Future – Silent Film Metropolis, 1927

The cold world of the future where machines made life much easier, it was the sweat and toil of the workers making it so. While far above in a magnificent city, the elite enjoyed the pleasures afforded them.