For Parents Of Prospective Stars – What Not To Say To A Casting Director

In this article, you get an opportunity to listen in on the secret messages we hear when well-meaning parents present their children for casting-the wrong way. You’ll find out what makes us smile and pow-wow on talent we’d like to learn more about, and what well-intentioned statements hinder our ability to pursue work with children who may be very talented.

Stunt Driving

When we watch movies, there always seems to be some awesome car chase scene where you are forced to sit on the edge of your seat as people weave in and out of rush hour traffic all on the big screen. Sometimes, stunt driving takes place in real life with police chases and drunk drivers as well as aggressive drivers. However, there are a lot of hidden dangers when it comes to stunt drivers.

Harold and Kumar Review

At the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on March 8, “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” opened to a favorable crowd of 2,100. While the film premiered four years after the sleeper hit “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,” the film opens the next day after their burger run. Harold and Kumar have planned a trip to Amsterdam to meet the girl of Harold’s dreams but due to a misunderstanding on their flight the duo ends up en route to spending life in Guantanamo Bay. After a vulgar but comical scene, the pair escapes (hence the title) and the adventure begins.

Illegal Movie Downloading

As the firestorm of controversy and legal action surrounding movie download sites grows, online movie rental companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster are experiencing exponential growth in membership. The lure of cheap or free downloads has drawn many to sites that use the P2P structure, but the MPAA has stepped up legal action against companies and individuals, and has even set up trojan horse sites to trap individuals.

Fast TV Downloads Review – Where Can I Download TV Shows?

Are you looking for a way to download all the TV shows you want to watch? You may have heard of the site called Fast TV Downloads. Having been a member of this download site, I will be writing about my experience with this site in this article, and comparing it against the other best methods for downloading TV shows on the internet.

OLED Become A Major Player In The Display Industry 2009

Organic light emiting diode made up of semi-conductor device which is around 400 nanometers think. The first OLED was Developed in Korea approximately around 1980’s. They are made up of following parts…

Why We Should All Stop Watching Superhero Movies

It might be common knowledge by now, but with the flood of superhero movies in Hollywood during the past five years I can’t help but see it as a well constructed ploy by big time movie producers. It may have worked for some time, though after a dozen heroes resurrected onto the silver screen I’m just about ready to throw up.

Does Julia Roberts Smell?

To be honest, I have no idea if Julia Roberts smells or not, but I do know that she doesn’t wear deodorant. How do I know this? Because she told us all on the Oprah Winfey Show! She claimed it was not the sort of thing she told everyone about, which doesn’t quite ring true when you say it on the highest rated talk show in US TV history…

Dangers Of HFCS

Don’t watch this if you want to stay fat! This movie uncovers the truth behind High Fructose Corn Syrup and why two-thirds of Americans are overweight. If you liked “Supersize Me” and “Fast Food Nation” then you will love “King Corn”…

Famous Movie Stars of the 90’s – The Hidden Side

The red carpet is where it all happens in Hollywood. The stars come out on premiere and award nights to walk the sea of red. Thousands of photos are taken each time one of these events take place, but only a very few of these photos ever tell the deeper story of the person inside the celebrity. If you’re a fan of movie stars and loved the 90s best, then read on.

Parenting a Successful Child Actress – Keka Palmer

In their home recording studio, Keke Palmer’s mother Sharon helped her daughter harness her vocal abilities, and both parents were dedicated to taking her on auditions and helping her to perfect her acting skills. In 2004 Keke landed her first big role in Barbershop 2: Back in Business playing the part of Queen Latifah’s niece. At this point, it was more than apparent that Keke had star-potential, so the family left behind their newly purchased home and their secure jobs to head to California.

Stars On The Red Carpet During The Digital 1990s

The 90s are over, but the decade lives on in the hearts of movie fans everywhere. Take a walk down the red carpet and see where some of the most magical photos are born. The digital age really took off in the 90s and changed red carpet photography forever.