The Iron Chef

Do you remember that old television series about cooking called “Iron Chef” which ran from 1993 to 2002? Since over 300 episodes of that show have been aired (and are still actually in syndication today), I’m pretty sure that anyone remotely interested in the culinary arts will remember that show.

The Disappearing Family Room

Family time looked much different before the endless choices on cable television. Learn how television has impacted what families do when they get together in the evening.

Hollywood Studios and the Internet, a Change is Coming Like It or Not

Hollywood has to make changes and resistance is futile…

Pick your Poison – Top 10 Scary Movies

While some of us choose to seek our thrills by exploring abandoned houses and hunting ghosts, most of us can celebrate Halloween by tucking ourselves in with a good horror movie. Alas, a top ten best horror movies list to appeal to everyone. Disgusting, gorey and demented- pick your poison. Be adventurous; try watching one with the lights off.

Dancing with the Stars: Results Show 8, Season 3

Results show 8 plus an analysis on who will go to the finals and how each contestant should approach the game to maximize their chances of going to the top.

Easy Button Toy-From Halloween Town To Christmas Town

Parents, do you have an Easy Button Toy for a Christmas gift this year? These are toys that are very family-friendly. Our family has an easy button toy. It’s in the form of a story about a pumpkin king who longs for more than the scares of Halloween Town and accidentally stumbles into Christmas Town.

Dear Mr Wells

A humorous review of Citizen kane.I thought of one famous, Oscar-winning screenplay in particularly. If it had first been sent for “script assessment”, the following letter might have been returned…

The Mother Of Invention Is Reinvention

From the first pilgrims who came to practice their “reinvented” religion free from persecution to the undocumented immigrants who now wander like Moses across the desert of opportunity in search of an economic Promised Land, Americans of all ages have always believed in the prospect -alas, the right – to reinvent their lives in whatever idiosyncratic ways they choose, a trait that, ironically, has come to define the core of our celebrities and icons.

Science Fiction Conventions 101

So you want to find out the latest gossip about the next “Star Trek” spin-off television series. You need to debate the overlapping qualities between science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. You can’t wait to “do the time warp again.” It sounds like you’re ready for a sci-fi convention.

Remember When We Could Cruise and Drag

As I was listening to our oldies station, they were talking about the big June event in Modesto, with all the old cars, music groups, car shows and cruisin down the main drag. For those of you who don’t know Modesto

The Sentinel – Comes Out Shooting, But Ultimately Fires Blanks

The Sentinel stars Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, and Eva Longeria in a tale of suspense and intrigue. Read this review to get the scoop on whether or not it’s worth a rental.

Princess Mononoke Film Review

Film review of Princess Mononoke looking at paralles with other films such as Lord of the Rings. Generally film is very good and well worth watching…