Movie Review: 21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street begins with the basic concept of a buddy cop film, but cleverly integrates several additional comedic elements to create an entertaining admixture of humorous ideas. The notion of adults forced to repeat high school is compounded by both role reversal and status change. Though the surrounding jokes aren’t always as creative as the situations, the sheer quantity of gags and eccentric characters keeps the hit-or-miss ratio less noticeable.

Movie Review: Casa De Mi Padre (2012)

Like many comedies, especially those of the Saturday Night Live variety, Casa de mi Padre takes a funny, fresh little skit and tries to stretch it out to a feature length movie. There are definitely amusing moments worked into the mix, but the big laughs elude director Matt Piedmont’s theatrical debut (he previously helmed Carpet Bros. and Funny or Die Presents.

In Time: Don’t Waste My Time

The concept of the movie “In Time” is done with sheer style, updated with today’s modern technology. The idea of codes is dynamic. See how science-fiction opens conduits to discovery and innovation.

Fitting Your Own TV Aerial

Fitting your own TV aerial is dependent on you having one major ability, a head for heights. If you don’t, let a professional fit it for you, getting stuck on a roof is no laughing matter, even going up a ladder is fraught with risks let alone going on a roof. You must have plenty of experience of using power tools, and hand tools, if you don’t have the necessary tools your relatives or neighbours might be able to help you out.

Enjoy Acting and Be Easygoing

Richard is fifty-nine years old, about eighteen stone (250lb) in weight and a diabetic, and he is an actor. He started out as an extra about fifteen years ago, this led on to some modelling and photographic work, one thing led to another and now he can call himself a fully paid up member of Equity and a Thespian.

Why Open Casting Calls?

Open casting calls are just so self-explanatory. It means quite literally that directors and producers are looking for actors and actresses and the auditions are open to everyone who wishes to try their hand at acting. Los Angeles probably has the most open calls, but you can really try this in any major city.

Talent and Hard Work Are Needed

The first thing you need to appreciate if you want to become a famous actor is that you will have to be able to act. There are very few examples of anyone becoming a renowned thespian if they cannot perform better than the next person. Yes you may blag your way to an audition, and you might even get a part, but if you cannot act, it will only be the one.

Casting Call Search – How To Best Conduct It

Searching for open casting calls near you may seem like a long and laborious task that has no appeal. You may even be wondering how to find your way into an open casting call without going through all the hassles of being accepted and what not. Well, the process is a lot easier than you might think. A casting call search can be done via a search engine such as Google. You will find a range of information that should tell you all you need to know.


At the end of a long, exhausting day most of us look forward to having dinner, spending time with our family, and enjoying television. The technology for making the latter experience exceptionally thrilling has come a long way in the last decade: particularly in the form of 3D TV. Images are bolder and more striking in 3D TV than in any other kind of television format. The remarkable images that one experiences with 3D TV make every evening at home pleasant and exciting.

Top 10 Movies

An article of my top 10 movies. I also include a brief description / reason of why it’s in my top 10 movies.

5 Family Friendly Movies Everyone Will Want To Watch

Watching a movie is a wonderful way for your family to unwind while sharing laughs and entertainment. You, and your children, will be pleased to know that dancing rodents are not a permanent fixture in all family friendly movies. Just as the phrase suggests, a family friendly movie should appeal to the entire family. The following list includes movies for families of all ages and interests.

Digital Television Interference

In the days of analogue even the worst cases of interference was something you could live with, for a few seconds you might have a dance of noise across the screen, or diagonal lines weaving into your picture. This interference could come from many sources in your home, say a faulty electrical appliance, a favourite here was a loose wire in a plug that would arc and cause the problem. Remember plugs are subject to being thrown around and inevitably the screws in the plug itself work loose, causing an arc but easily fixed by…