Watching Movies

Every person has a way of spending his or her pass time or weekends. Some spend it outdoors and some just stay at home and probably read a book. Others they spend their weekends watching movies at home.

Check Out New HD Channels on Satellite TV

Today, the popularity of satellite TV is increasing every day. When placed alongside cable television, satellite just plain has more to offer.

5 Films to Jumpstart Your Satellite TV Subscription

Whenever a satellite TV subscription is on the menu, you know you’re going to get access to dozens of terrific movies on a nightly basis. The question is where to start. You’ll have choices in classic movies, comedies and just-released blockbusters right off the bat. Here are five films that will kick off your satellite subscription the right way.

Buying and Caring For an HD Television – Errors to Avoid

So, you want a new HD television? Well, with all the hundreds of channels available in high-quality digital resolution that are out there these days, you would be crazy not to want one.

No Reservations is Going Where Regular Tourists Shouldn’t on Satellite TV

As fans of the Anthony Bourdain program, which can be seen on the Travel Channel, may have noticed, each and every episode comes with its own little disclaimer. This blip lets you, the viewer, know that some of the content may not be appropriate for audience members of all ages, or all moral codes or credence for that matter.

Hollywood’s Finest – Bette Davis on the Silver Screen and HDTV

There are a very select few of actors from Hollywood who can truly be described as incomparable, but one of the heavy hitters is definitely Bette Davis. A woman who has inspired numerous imitators, a song named after her incredible eyes, and quite a few who already had a bit too much of a flair for the dramatic, Davis is that kind of rare old talent who you might hear the new pop stars and fashion world referencing from time to time.

Buy a 72 Inch LCD TV and Enjoy Watching TV

LCD panels have taken the market “on the fly”. It started with small computer displays and colored cell-phones and finally changed the TV market totally. Today’s high quality panels deliver crystal clear pictures with high contrast and resolution.

Movie Training Tips – Learn to Be a Master Storyteller – The Story is Everything

The number one movie training tip you can get is how to tell a good story. If you don’t have a story that people are interested in, then don’t bother. Read on for story telling tips.

How to Collect Movie Memorabilia

Collecting memorabilia from the movies doesn’t just have to be a hobby; it can also be a potentially lucrative pastime and is an effective way of owning a piece of movie history. Some people partake in movie memorabilia collection purely for sentimental value and as a way of capturing a moment from a favourite film.

Al Capone and Eliot Ness – Fiction Or Reality?

Al Capone probably has made more money dead than while alive. He has been featured in countless films and books. Two new books that have surfaced on Capone by Chicago writers include Get Capone and Chasing Eliot Ness.

Anthony Hopkins Films List

Sir Anthony Hopkins, the famous, extremely talented British actor, has nearly completed five decades of movie-making, having accumulated numerous awards including an Oscar and having been rewarded with a Knighthood. No self-respecting Anthony Hopkins filmography can omit his credits also as a movie director, a producer, a writer, a narrator, a composer of movie music scores and his solo pianist performances – the veteran actors’ versatility is amazing, not least as an actor.

Cemetery Junction

Ricky Gervais is practically a household name now and he has even broken into the world stage that is the USA. From the office to extras and even the Simpsons, Ricky Gervais has conquered much of the world, so it is only natural that Gervais would want to up his game.