Is Video Making Worth Your Happiness?

Usually people ignore videos at their special occasions, either they worry about cost or sometimes they think that video making is just the wastage of time. Imagine the happiness and joy of your loving daughter’s wedding; think that it is the last day when she is with you as your daughter. From now onwards she will be wife and a daughter in law. Don’t you want to live this moment again and again, even with your grandchildren sitting on your lap?

10 Must See Wedding Movies

Wedding Movies are fun movies to watch whether you’re getting married or not. There’s romance, comedy, and matrimony! They range from romantic comedies, to adventures, to gross out comedies! They’re just all about the fun of getting married!

Red 2010 – Movie Review

Retired: Extremely Dangerous – that’s RED for you and the numerous young CIA agents who find this out the hard way. A spy drama, woven around the lives of few ex-CIA field agents, who have retired, but seems are not tired or worn out, neither they have forgotten the tricks of the trade, nor the instinct to survive in the deceitful world of espionage and counter-espionage. The movie, sure to rated in the Top Movies list is directed by the successful and energetic Robert Shwentke, who churns out a tale involving Bruce Willis, the ace star of Top Movies, as a retired CIA operator, who is called back for a top secret mission, which he has to undertake along with some of his ex-companions and field agents.

Exclusive Young Academic Interview With Karl Pilkington

Karl, your new book ‘Happy Slapped by a Jellyfish – The Words of Karl Pilkington’ was released on October 4th, about your memories of travelling the globe – should readers be expecting another laugh a minute following your release of last year (The Words of Karl Pilkington). KP: Don’t know if it’s a laugh a minute. Depends on how fast you read.

How the Entertainment Industry Influences Writers

For many long years I’ve watched so many films and TV series that at times I wished I was part of them. It’s sort of funny that when your watching the new version of the A-Team that I was hoping it to be slightly better than normal but in general Inspiration by watching all kinds of forms or just listing to books. Can help anyone that wants to break into the writing field.

The Real Von Trapp Family History – Part 1

The story of the von Trapp family has been immortalized on stage and screen and is one of the best loved tales of the twentieth century. But here are some facts you may have never known from the “Sound of Music” film. Learn what really happened with Maria, the Captain, and their children as they escaped from Nazi controlled Austria and made their way to a new life in America.

Ageless Classics – World Cinema

This article feature reviews about bygone era’s timeless classic movies from around globe. These are not a typical critic’s reviews but observations by cinema lover.

A Short Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Ever wondered what Chewbacca is up to now? Read on to find out how Luke, Han, Leia and the rest are doing in these recession-hit times.

Naruto Says His Goodbyes and Prepares to Go Away to Konoha to Start His Teaching

Gaara, now in Shukaku form, stands just before Seimei, who’s seeing Gaara like this for your initial time. The other people arrive around the scene as Naruto tries hobbling in direction of the battle. Just before he can get far, Sakura insists that she treats his injuries.

The Boob Tube – The Influence of Television

The influence of the television has been both positive and negative.  One of the most positive aspects of television is that people are more informed now than ever.  With hundreds of television channels and news channels, it is much easier for people to have access to news and to learn what is going on in the world.

The Life and Films of Christopher Nolan

A look at Christopher Nolan and his movies. Who will play the villain in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises?

Pageants Are So Much More Than Just Skin Deep

While there has long been controversy over the nature of beauty pageants, it really doesn’t seem reasonable when we stop and think about it. The bottom line is that these competitions promote the best of what humanity has to offer.