Still Watching A Square TV? – It’s Time to Widen Your View With An HDTV

Although the United States officially switched to digital television (DTV) more than a year ago, the majority of Americans are still watching a square TV. “Square TV” is the term I began calling the old NTSC system when I began producing programs in wide-screen HDTV. Now it’s time to widen your view and get the HD set you’ve been hearing about.

Can the A-Team Invigorate and Save an Uninspiring Hollywood Landscape?

The A-Team was a highly popular weekly adventure serial that met its end 25 years ago. A movie version of The A-Team will be released soon and it seems that the promotional department of the studio releasing the film hopes that public familiarity with the cast of characters and basic nostalgia will propel the movie to the top of the box office charts. Will box office hype and an army of theatrical special effects captivate and enthrall a younger audience as much as the previous made-for-television series did so remarkably well?

Five Stephen King Movies (That You Didn’t Know Were Stephen King Movies)

Stephen King writes horror, right? He makes books with cars that come alive and creepy hotels and women with axes that cut off feet.

Top TV Draws of All Time

The celluloid has traversed a long lane. From selective entertainment that lasted for a couple of hours to 24X7 entertainment channels, the journey has been quite extensive. During this long journey, the idiot box has offered us various shows, a few of which were forgettable and some exemplary.

True Blood Vs Twilight – Which Has the Bigger Bite?

Two of the biggest and most anticipated paromantasy series are making (or have made) their debut this month. True Blood hit the small screen on June 13th with its season 3 premiere, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits the big screen on June 30th. My question to you is: Which is the ultimate vamp saga: True Blood or Eclipse?

Great Charlie Chaplin Movies

Are you wondering where to start in watching Charlie Chaplin films? This list provides some of Charlie Chaplin’s best.

The Best Films From 2009

2009 was a great year for the film industry. This article will examine some of the best films to be released last year.

Reality TV to Warm the Heart

Sometimes TV is great for escapism and the first thing people want to do when they home is to tune in and tune out with the help of some excellent dramas or science fiction shows. However, the growing trend for reality TV shows and documentaries suggests that there are plenty of people who like their viewing time to be related to what’s going on around them in the real world, too.

Bringing the Best HD Entertainment Home to Your Family

One person is easy to please when you are getting a home entertainment package; two people are not much more difficult. Getting HD entertainment that can please 4 people or more, on the other hand, may present a bit of a challenge to you. As with any decision, it’s all about communication and feedback from the people involved. Talk it over with your family, then look over the options from satellite TV providers. Here are some things to remember as you try to bring home the best HD entertainment.

The Best Comedy Films of All Time

For such a small island, Britain has produced more than its fair share of comedy. But what among this output rank as true classic? We’ve listed our favourites below.

Reminiscing Titanic – Survivor Margaret Devaney

Trailers of the said sequel in James Cameron’s Titanic is airing in the net. One of makers used for a pseudo the name of an actual survivor. Here is a background check on the lady that lived the tragedy the world will always remember.

Toy Story 3 – To Infinity and Beyond One Last Time

There’s good news and bad news about the upcoming release of Toy Story 3. I’ll start with the bad news first, which is that the movie is in fact a “three-quel.” You see, in Hollywood, the dreaded sequel to a sequel almost always means less story and dumber plots. What’s the good news? Come on, it’s Pixar, people! The same groundbreaking animation studio that has been wowing audiences ever since the release of their first computer animated feature back in 1995 (which coincidentally was the original Toy Story).