10 Tips And More For Making Your Own Classic Movie Poster

This sounds great for getting some of your own ‘original’ classic movie posters on your walls. You may not feel you are artistic enough and you don’t want your classic film poster to look like you have had it from your kindergarten days. So here are a few tips to help you make your poster

Children of Men

A look from my eyes at the clever devices and symbolic messages behind the film “Children of Men”.

Riya Sen- The Hottest Bollywood Actress And Model!

All about the hottest Bollywood actress and model Riya Sen. This 5″1 Bollywood actress was born on January 24, 1981 in Kolkata, India.

TV Shows With the Best Soundtracks

There are a lot of TV shows that have great soundtracks, these are just our favorites. Each of these shows are enriched, and made more appealing and endearing, by the songs they feature, leaving us to vow to continue watching even if our television screens suddenly stop working.

Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Who is Venom

Peter Parker has finally found the balance he’s longed for between his love for Mary Jane Watson and his responsibilities as Spider-Man. Venom will take…

Hawaii Goes Hollywood

With the many different climates and landscapes in such a small geographical area it is no wonder that Large Film production companies seek the Hawaiian islands as a back drop in their films.

Movie Trailers – The Great Hollywood Lie

How to avoid being fooled into watching bad movies by great 30 second trailers.

American Idol Results Defy Logic

Results of American Idol often leave you wondering. See how it is a common thread in the show.

Movies That Change Lives – 25 Quotes From Hobart Shakespeareans

What is it like in a day in the life of a child? How about a 5th grade inner-city school student? I just found this 52-minute documentary gem.

Actors – On Becoming A Character

What every actor needs to know on what it takes to become a character. Going to school on regular people could give you answers on how to master a character.

The Transformers Movie

If there is one movie that’s destined for today’s technological and special effects advances, it comes out in July of 2007: the Transformers.

Prison Break – Beyond Getting Along Is Order And Harmony In Our Relationships

When you watch Prison Break, particularly Episode 2, you shall learn especially about our relationships. Are we satisfied with just staying out of trouble, or just getting along, or are we ready to go beyond and in synergy with each other to enjoy order and harmony. Watch Prison Break, and move beyond getting along in order and harmony in our relationships.