Titanic, Social Injustices Go On and On: A Marxist Criticism Approach

It was said to be the ship of dreams. Would you gamble and leave everything behind just to set foot on the ship but asked only to stay on the lower decks and be humiliated by the upper classes? Or, would you go aboard with a heavy heart knowing that this ship ensembles a slave ship taking you back to America in chains while being engaged into someone you barely want just to keep your family’s legacy?

Social Prejudice Exists: Marxism Review

“What made you think you could put your hands on my fiancee?! Look at me, you filth! What do you think are you doing?” In the movie Titanic written and directed by James Cameron in 1997, depicts the struggles between social classes that shows how great is the gap between the upper class and the lower class.

Voyage Beyond Affection: Titanic (A Marxist Criticism)

Whole life savings, pennies, dimes and quarters? Would you bet everything you have in exchange for a ride on one of the most luxurious ship at the moment? If you were given a chance to ride the “Unsinkable Ship,” would you give everything up?

The Fall of the Unsinkable: A Marxist Criticism Approach to the Movie “Titanic”

The untold secrets of a sunken ship in the Atlantic revealed by one of the survivors of the tragedy. This is the story of “The Titanic”, a story of love and tragedy alongside happiness and sadness in one film. The purpose of this movie review is not just to give the summary of the movie but to view the movie from different perspectives and approaches.

The Essence of Distinction – Titanic Movie Review – Marxist Criticism Approach

This article is about a marxist criticism approach of the movie Titanic. this article will show how the two different social classes will react when they are being tested.

The Lost Heart of the Ocean: Marxist Criticism

“Near, far wherever you are” it is a song sang by Celine Dion that many people cried and reminiscence the death of Jack and many passengers of Titanic. This line vividly depicts how far or wherever is Jack is and the people who died on the Titanic they will still be remembered. Titanic is a movie written and directed by James Cameron it talks about the heart wrenching story of the sinking of Titanic. It was release in the year 1997 and still famous nowadays. Unfair treatment distance among the “mighty ones” and the poor, and how your social class affects how you live your life are some issues asserted in the film.

Titanic: The Ship of Dreams and Nightmares

Titanic was first released in US theatres of December 19th 1997, before being released in UK cinemas a month later on 23rd January 1998. $200 million was the budget of the film, which at the time was the most expensive film ever made. Titanic earned over $1 billion worldwide during its first run before reaching $2 billion during its re-release. It once held the record for being the highest-grossing film of all time until it was surpassed by Avatar in 2009- a film that was also directed by James Cameron. The film has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with praise coming from its story, visuals, acting and historical facts.

Serious Impressions of Stupid Movies

Widely accepted form of entertainment, movies are not just that. They have wide influence over our society and play great part in social reforms. They are a form of art as could not be taken lightly.

Look In The Mirror For The Real Winners

A few weeks ago I finally got to see the O.J. Simpson miniseries starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O.J. Simpson. You know, this article is a spin on the words “O.J., look in the mirror for the real killers”. If we really want to get anywhere in life, we must look in the mirror for the real winners. This is exactly where I am right now.

Suicide in Modern Entertainment

To kick off the new year, YouTube star, Logan Paul, released a video in which the dead body of a suicide victim is shown. This video kick started many feelings including a re-occurring argument, The encouragement of suicide in modern entertainment. Some parents are of the belief that modern media glamorizes suicide.

Controversy of History

“Well begun is half done”. Yes, it is somehow true. In today’s scenario where there are thousands of issues to work on, where hot potatoes are boiling overhead.

Lessons Learned: Women Wow in Marvel’s Black Panther

“Wow” is the best word for me to describe Marvel’s Black Panther. It really requires no introduction but in case you weren’t aware, it has quickly become a top-grossing movie directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed).