Oscar Nominated Movie the Visitor Takes Djembe Mainstream

The Visitor, the Oscar-nominated film released in 2008, tells the story of an elderly Economics professor from Connecticut who returns to his New York apartment to find that in his absence a pair of djembe-playing illegal immigrants have moved in.

Some Good Choices For Literature and Film About the Middle East

There has been a lot of popularity with the film, “Slumdog Millionaire” which shows that people are interested in learning more about the conflict in the Middle East. This article will tell about some more options of literature and movies to help give knowledge and understanding about both sides of the conflict.

I Love the Biggest Loser

Simply describes how the T.V. show “The Biggest Loser” participants use hard work and a strict diet to transform their bodies without surgery. The transformations can be inspiring, and showcase what the human body is capable of in the right environment. Points out that lifestyle change is a key component to reaching our fitness goals and the show can provide a source of motivation.

Independent Film Hits Close to Home

The conflict between the nations of Palestine and Israel has been going on for more than 60 years. The story of the rivaling nations is brought to a personal level when a widowed Palestinian woman finds herself the neighbor of the Israeli minister of defense. A battle ensures over the widows lemon grove that has been in her family for generations. Written and directed by Eran Riklis the independent film was co produced by his cousin Ira Riklis who felt the personal strains of the conflict between Israel and Palestine needed to be addressed.

Naruto 1

An article about the very first episode of the popular anime series Naruto. We take a look at the episode that started it all.

Online DVD Rentals – The Easy Option For Hassle-Free Movie-Viewing

This is the reason why the concept of online DVD rentals is gradually gaining a lot of eminence. It is easily accessible, efficient and extremely convenient and the viewers are spoilt for choices.

Cool! Street Fighter 2 – The Animated Movie

Calling all serious Street Fighter fans or anyone who has ever played the game. You will definitely enjoy the Street Fighter 2 animated movie experience.Watch as Ryu blasts away Sagat with an electrifying hadouken. This article tells you what fans think of the movie, why it is a great prize to own, and where you can get yours for a really good deal. This is the uncut/uncensored version.

Transferring Business Prowess to Movie Management

Film credits roll at the end of movie and list the names of every single person that contributed to the making of the film. The credits have titles next to the name of the person indicating that they have a job and what they did. Titles like Gaffer, Key Grip and Best Boy indicate the electrician and lighting expert and the first assistant to the lighting engineer that assisted in the making of a film and working behind the scenes to make the small details that go along way into the film production possible.

Family Guy Theme Song

Perhaps what makes the Family Guy theme song so appropriate and funny, is the fact that it is so ironic! Peter, Lois, and Stewie Griffin all combine to complain about the path society is on.

Sideshow Collectibles at the San Diego Comic Con

Sideshow Collectibles are once again unveiling a slew of great new products at the San Diego Comic Con! Here’s a look at what’s in store from these giants of movie merchandise.

Maricar Reyes – Sex Video Scandal Aftermath

Maricar Reyes became an instant celebrity when she was featured in a sex video distributed over the internet and DVD retailers. Maricar is a practicing medical doctor and a model. She has everything to lose with the scandal she was involved with.

Best Family Guy Episodes

There are so many good family guy episodes that they are starting to become hard to keep track of! I have decided to keep a log here of my favorites.