The Top Twist Movie Endings on Satellite TV

The world loves a movie with a good twist ending. It is delightful, not only to see what happens at the end, but to try and spend the movie guessing exactly in which direction the film will twist or turn. Also good for producers and Hollywood big shots, after the ‘big reveal’ audiences often want to see the movie again and again but with their newfound knowledge of what has happened.

Toy Story 3 Movie Party is Great Fun For Kids

The Toy Story 3 Movie that is due out in June is great fun for kids, and so is a Toy Story party. We know how successful the last two Toy Story movies have been, and fans have high hopes for this third in the series as well. Not only a fun movie, Toy Story makes for some fun birthday party ideas too. A Toy Story birthday party might just be the perfect party theme for your child.

Corner TV Stands – Make the Best Use of Your Available Space

The televisions of today are very different from the first sets that appeared on the scene nearly a hundred years ago. The society of that time was also much different than today’s society, and this was reflected in the furnishings of the homes.

Origin of Snuff Film Legend

What is a snuff film? Where did they come from? Are they fictional, or are the murders in snuff films real? Read on to find out!

A Love Story in Reverse Gear

First the girl and the guy meet, they start dating, fall in love, get married and finally have cute babies. But what if I reverse the sequence? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? That is what The Back-Up Plan is all about. The movie is releasing on 6th May 2010 in UAE.

Guide to Buying a DVD Player

Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Dics Player or as we know DVD Player is a type of optical data storage standard capable in holding information of 17 gigabytes (GB). This was developed as an improvement of compact disc (CD) devices.

Introduction to Flat Televisions

Flat Televisions are a significant introduction in the broadcasting industry. It has dramatically changed the lifestyle of people and is gradually becoming the most desirable alternative to traditional cathode ray televisions.

Cadillac Records – A Review

One of the world’s great inventions was the VCR player and, of course, the video cassette to play. This liberated the movie from from only being able to watch what was being shown in the local theatre and allowed them to have a choice.

Best Bollywood Movies of 2009

Bollywood Movies have been an absolute attraction for cinema lovers not just in India but all around the globe and the success of these movies can be seen at the box office reports or even at the international film awards like Oscars; where a Bollywood movie won the best movie of the year. With near around 100 mainstream Bollywood movies released in year 2009, it was quite a treat for the movie junkies.

The Drama of “Whale Wars” on Satellite TV

It seems a lot more shows than usual have been taking to the high seas lately, and television viewers can’t seem to get enough of the action. Whether it’s experiencing the drama and turmoil of the world’s most dangerous profession on “Deadliest Catch” or following around great white sharks to find out more about their mysterious watery world and lives on the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” specials, there are plenty of shows that are a bit more marine than options of the past.

Eddie Lebron Mega Man Movie Trailer

Even though the trailer was made available in 2008, I just recently got to viewing Eddie Lebron’s Mega Man movie trailer. Despite it being a “fan made” movie trailer, Mega Man returns in a live action, two dimensional, platforming glory, giving it an incredibly feel and stirring up feelings of nostalgia at the same time.

Welcome the New 3D TVs!

The people are more than happy to acknowledge technological advancement as many individuals are starting to have their own three-dimensional television sets right in the comforts of their own home. Before, they could only probably experience 3D through movie theaters or in video game arcades.