The Best Willem Dafoe Movies Of All Time

This article will focus on the films and career of the incredibly talented actor Willem Dafoe. Over the years, Dafoe has starred in well over 70 films and has no problem taking the lead or simply adding a great supporting role. He is an incredibly talented actor that is able to convey so much through his facial expressions.

Good Movies to Watch

If you’re stuck for something to pop into the DVD player tonight, be sure to take a look at this list of good movies to watch. Once you’re done, you’ll have enough ideas to last for a month.

Summer Blockbusters of the 1990s

If you’re a sucker for summer blockbusters, check out this list of some of the biggest box-office performers during the 1990s. From Nicolas Cage and his mullet to dinosaurs eating Samuel L. Jackson, this list should generate numerous ideas for your next movie night.

The Best Movies Starring Bill Murray

One of my favorite comedic actors of all time is without a shadow of a doubt, Bill Murray. He somehow manages to be hilarious, while rarely changing the expression on his face. His sense of humor is unlike any other before or after him, and it is clear that movie audiences still love him.

Rajnikant and the Movie Robot – Both Par Excellence

The latest release of film super star Rajnikant’s movie Robot has taken the box office by storm. This Mahrashtrian superstar who stars in Tamil films has an appeal that transcends gender, race and state. Rajnikant even at the ripe age of 64 storms the silver screen like a tornado.

Make Sure Your Right Telecine Selection

It includes a process of rotate coil located about the scanning tube to apply a magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of the electron beam to effect rotation of the raster. The degree of rotation depends on the amount of current flow and the direction of the flow and means to compensate for the distortion introduced by the rotation. Generally a company provides compensation on distortion on the flowing grounds include: rotate, focus, size, height and rhombic distortions.

The Loerie Awards

The Loerie awards are the most prestigious marketing and advertising awards in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. This article takes a look at this year’s Loerie Awards.

How to Write Simple Movie Reviews

The first writings that come to our mind when we talk of movie reviews is the jargon filled nerve tweaking writings from movie critics and industry professionals. Unfortunately many of us believe that those hard to understand format is the only style for writing movie reviews. Writing movie reviews is quite simple and fun if we keep in maintain guidelines and rules pertaining to it.

Famous People and UFOs

People from every walk of life believe in UFOs and similar related phenomenon. Thus, why should politicians, entertainers, and other famous personalities be any different? Read below!

Only Movies For Guys

Women have their chick flicks, so guys should also have something to call their own (cinematically speaking). That’s where this list of “only for guys” movies comes in. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be grunting like Tim Allen and planning how to rewire your den.

Media Gender Debate: Are There Enough Girls?

A look at the inequalities of gender in the news media. Are women being represented as largely as males?

Famous Television Heavyweights

Large men have always dominated history, their larger than life physique makes them appear more than human to some. Now, more than ever, big and tall men are starting to dominate the lime light of popular culture. Here is a look at some of the most celebrated big and tall men in modern American entertainment.