New DB Movie Screenshots With Piccolo and Goku in Action!

We have been provided with awesome new screenshots of the Dragonball movie. And guess who we get to see? Piccolo! Goku in action! We get a close up of the actual Dragonball, a close up of Piccolo, new screenshot of Master Roshi and Goku training, and much more! Note that this still were taken directly from the official DB movie teaser trailer, so I’d expect to see that sooner than October.

Hijack (2008) Movie Details – News and Gossips

Hijack is an action thriller starring Shiney Ahuja and Esha Deol. The film is written, produced and directed by Kunal Shivdasani. It will be presented by Eros International on 05 September 2008.

Mad Men Show Angers Loyal Fan Base

The AMC TV show “Mad Men” has taken television by storm. Now in the midst of its second season, the Matthew Weiner created flashback to the early-sixties continues to grow in both popularity and critical acclaim. But recently, as a result of AMC’s own shenanigans, hostility toward the show and its network has begun to arise among the ranks of its most loyal fans.

Iron Man the Movie

The Iron Man movie in 2008 is looking like a major inspiration for fancy dress from now on. A comic superhero is a superb look for a Halloween costume, scary and fun at the same time. So let’s have a look at Iron Man The Movie a little closer.

K-Pax – Analyzing the Important Questions

K-Pax is an open ended film. It is an excellent movie, which can be viewed from many different perspectives. I chose to view it from a hopeful viewpoint, because that is who I am as a person. Throughout the movie, viewers will be forced to think, and to answer various questions. The main questions that I was faced with were: What is K-Pax? Who was Prot?

CJ7 – Who is That Alien Creature?

From popular Chinese actor/director Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) comes CJ7, a story about hope and love through the character of a boy and an alien. CJ7 is a great watch for anyone, which contains many golden and hilarious moments.

Television Station

It’s such a lovely thing to have many television stations and the choices they offer today. Quite handsome years ago, probably 80, we had only three television stations. Considering the lack of technological diversity and variety.

Video Rental Store

Are you a video extremist? So you are one of the people who would join me in the queue early in the morning, in the mist and fog confusion praying for the video rental store to open? Ah I understand you, it’s like a craving for hot chocolate on a cold foggy day!

The Namesake Review – Time is Our Destiny

The characters in the Indian film, The Namesake (2006), unfold in front of us as life unfolds. A young Bengali woman finds herself on a journey to New York City in 1979 when her family arranges for her marriage. Her husband, an Indian PhD student studying in New York, is unknown to her, a stranger, but he is kind and together they develop a warm, supportive marriage.

21 Sex and the City Facts For Fans

To celebrate the last hurrah of New York’s most glamorous foursome and their erstwhile paramours, here are 21 snippets of information that only truly addicted fans of the TV series are privy to: 1. Carrie met Mr Big in the first ever episode of Sex and the City. They collided in the street, and he helped Carrie pick up the spilled contents of her purse, including a packet of condoms.

Talent and Experience Helps in Your Acting Career

Hundreds or even thousands of people audition just to play a part in a movie or show. One good example is American Idol that went across the country just to choose 24 finalists that will begin their season’s show. Talent and experience played a part for those who made it and this is the same for those who decide to pursue an acting career.

True Confessions – This Grandpa Loves SpongeBob

In spite of my better judgement and somewhat advanced age, I still love cartoons. The newest one to catch my fancy is SpongeBob Squarepants. It brings back the good old days of Daffy Duck and Tweetie and Sylvester, Mickey and Minnie and Donald and all waddling gang. Can anyone fault me if I thought Rocky and Bullwinkle were ahead of their time?