Add These to Your Movie List

The number of 3D movies is just going. And this is not something to wonder about, considering the amount of money that these movies bring in to their producers and all. As proof to the 3D Movies’ growing existence, we are giving you these four movies to try. Really, a lot of people commented that they are really good and worth the pay and time. So, try adding them up to your movie list!

What is a 3D Ready TV?

Just about any size could be made into a 3D ready set. Basically, there is no size required for a TV set to be officially called 3D Ready TV. However, there is a minimum requirement for the TV’s refresh rate.

Most Watched Mediation Clip on YouTube

The opening scene from the movie Wedding Crashers (2005) is the most watched mediation-clip on YouTube. It is funny and surprisingly accurate! It show you how mediation really works…

John C Reilly – The Comedic Duo of Reilly and Ferrell

John C. Reilly was born on May 24, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were both Catholics and he graduated from Brother Rice High School, a Catholic school. After that he furthered his education at DePaul University, Reilly almost immediately began acting.

Christian Bale Movies and the Movies That Boosted Him Into Stardom

When it comes to versatile male actors in Hollywood these days, there are only a few. Daniel Day Lewis is the king; Leonardo Di Caprio is great, as is Johnny Depp. But another fantastic actor that was overlooked until recently is Christian Bale.

Millenium 3

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, or Millennium 3 for short, is the last movie adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s massively successful trilogy of books that feature a Gothic woman who is an ace hacker and has an unlikely ally in the shape of a middle-aged crusading journalist. This third chapter, directed by Daniel Alfredson, finds Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) hospitalized after having been shot twice and buried alive.

Calamity Jane, Doris Day and Chicago

I’m not going to lie and say I know a hell of a lot about Chicago. I’m not the most geographically minded person and going abroad to visit ‘the windy city’ requires some form of monetary savings, of which I have none.

The Top 10 Best Horror Movie Monsters

Not only am I married to a top home haunter, I have been a big fan of horror movies (also called monster movies) for years. Here are my top ten monsters of all time!

Daybreakers Film Review

An interesting refreshingly new take on vampires, humans and their respective struggle for survival. Maybe for the first time we see a story on vampires through their perspective rather than watching humans fighting for themselves.

Shutter Island Film Review

If you always have been skeptical about what goes on in private hospitals, mental institutions and secret facilities and believe there is something hidden from general people then Shutter Island will leave you scared. The film portrays a grim story of mental patients, strict guards, less than normal doctors and digs deep into their lives. A disturbing and a compelling adventure at the same time.

Spread Film Review

Make way for another dumb American celebrity hi-fi lifestyle minded film. The title should have been ‘Spread your legs’ rather than just Spread.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Film Review

Remakes rarely work and this movie is another failed attempt. A nightmare without any chills or thrills.