Gossip Girls – Tweens, Cyber Bullying and the Media

The popularity of social networking sites has made the Internet a virtual public meeting place for all ages. By means of email, instant messaging, chat rooms and text messaging, gossip has found a way to be spread not only locally but also globally. How does this affect tweens-a demographic made up of kids between the ages of eight and thirteen?

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hallmark Hall of Fame

Some of the most touching and family friendly movies have been put out under the banner of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. Many people don’t know the history of this famous movie series and all the important works that have been developed and distributed under its name. Here is a look at five little known facts about Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Tips on Joining Actors in Hollywood

Working to become an actor is a lifelong dream for many. This article will give key pointers so that you can know what it takes and what you need to do to succeed as an actor.

5 Reasons Why Wolverine Rocks

These are the 5 reasons why Wolverine is such a great movie. Wolverine has it all romance, action. It is a definite must see.

Angels and Demons

Since the publication of “Da Vinci Code” and the subsequent release of the movie, Dan Brown has become synonymous with the controversy. He possesses a tremendous flair of a naturally gifted storyteller. He has an unmatched ability of being able to weave incredibly nice stories out of controversial themes and ideas.

Is Bond Re-Bourne?

Is Bond Bourne, or just re-born? From the sophisticated quintessential English Spy that was Connery, Daniel Craig’s representation of 007 is barely recognisable to his predecessors. Has the success of the ‘Jason Bourne’ trilogy resulted in the death of her Majesty’s favourite spy as we knew him, or was it time to call a curtain on a tried and tested formula that had run it’s day?

Tips on Getting Your First Job in the Movies

5 Tips for how to land your first job working in the Movies. Excepts from an interview with 19 year veteran Dan Turek tells us how he got started and what new graduates of film school can do to get their foot in the door.

House Season 5 Episode 22 “House Divided”

Looks like House is at it again; amazing us with his dry sense of humor, while carrying on his conversations with his imagination, Amber. His split personality reveals his inner thoughts through Amber and the charisma they share is remarkably funny. While House calculates his famous trial and errors of medicine, we get to see the somewhat fun side of him while putting together a Bachelor party for Chase.

American Idol Episode 33 Season 8 – The Remaining Five Finalists Perform

This week on American Idol Season 8, the Top 5 Contestants heat things up with the Rat Pack Performances. Jamie Foxx (actor/comedian/singer) is their mentor this week. I thought Jamie Foxx was an outstanding choice for this week’s mentor with his impeccable talent and experience. I thought he really showed he cared for each and every one of the contestants’ performances.

Dean Koontz and the Worry of ‘The Husband’

When picking up a book by Dean Koontz you never know what genre you are going to end up in. He has written for most and is unhappy to be categorized. You can be sure of some things though; the novel will contain wonderful and colorful characters, ultra-vivid descriptions, strong emotions and some great humor. The book will have a riveting story-line and you will have great difficulty in putting it down.

Jennifer Hudson – A Sole Survivor

Paying attention to the news lately one would definitely be aware of the goings on with the Dream Girls actress and American Idol star Jennifer Hudson. On the fateful day of October 24th, 2008 Hudson’s family members, mother, Darnell Donerson and brother, Jason Hudson was both found dead in what was believed to be from gun shot wounds. In addition to them being found dead her nephew, 7 year old Julian King was missing and was believed to be kidnapped.

Get the Information About the Universe on Live TV News Channels

Live TV news channels on the Internet are the excellent sources of information. There are a number of such stations which are getting mass popularity such as IBN7 and Fox news live.