A Lost Review – Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2 – “LA X”

I caved a few days before the season premiere and watched the first four minutes of “LA X” that ABC posted on their website. I was glad to see that it was indeed the first four minutes of the show and not some random four minutes in the episode.

How to Get Free Christian Satellite Television

Television in general has gone down the tubes in the past 20 years, family values have been chiseled away bit by bit. Are there alternatives to secular television? I think you will find this article of interest to you and your family, I believe in family values and I am sure you do too.

Humphrey Bogart Movies – The Ups and Downs of Humphrey Bogart’s Career

Have you ever seen Humphrey Bogart movies? If you have, you probably know that his movies are somewhat different than most other movies produced today, due to his incredibly unique acting style.

Denzel Washington Movies Vs Morgan Freeman Movies – What to Know

In the arena of pop culture trivia, movies are a monstrous category. Within this category, many people ask questions like “who is the best African-American actor of our time?” To answer this, it seems that are definitely two front runners, but who you believe takes the cake you may have to decide for yourself.

Independent Films – Factors to Consider Before You Become a Producer

You just watched “Juno” and you think to yourself, “I could do that.” Fair enough, but before you run off to make the next “Little Miss Sunshine,” there are a few things you would do well to keep in mind.

Scary Video Footage – How to Do Horror Well

There are two main types of horror in cinema: creepy and startling. The creepy horror relies on giving viewers just enough information to know that there is reason to be scared, but not so much that they know what exactly they fear, or why, how, where, or when it will manifest itself.

What Are the Best Will Ferrell Movies?

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell has appeared in dozens of films. With so many films, however, some are bound to be better than others.

Filming an Interview – How to Keep it Interesting

Translating the energy of an interview through video can be tough. Deciding whether the interviewer will be present in the film and how you will light your subject(s) are only two of the myriad questions you will need to answer before the cameras start rolling.

The Latest Rush of Teen Reality Programming on Satellite TV

it used to be that the world of reality television focusing on the lives of teens went more towards the glitz and glamor of the more popular students. Whether it was “Laguna Beach: The Real O.C.” or its hugely popular spin-off show “The Hills,” these MTV reality shows were far more interested in presenting those who were the obvious choice for the camera spotlight. And while some of the other programming that was based in reality, like the show “Made,” may have featured students from all walks of life, you weren’t as likely to find an entire series devoted to someone whose interests were slightly more off the radar.

Movies That Travel and Transcend Time on Satellite TV

There are all kinds of movie time travel, and the speculating viewer might subscribe to all, one or none of them. There is ‘Back to the Future’ time travel, ‘Terminator’ time travel, and even ’12 Monkeys’ time travel, all with various renditions of how exactly speeding around in time might be achieved. However, there is one film with a unique brand of time travel philosophy that has stuck with audiences for many years now ‘Donnie Darko.’ This film, today is a rental and satellite TV ‘on demand’ favorite, but once upon a time it was a great big theater flop.

Get the Most of Your DISH TV Connection

With even more people switching from cable TV to DISH TV, it’s the right time to get some tips on how to get the most out of the satellite TV connection. There are some areas where the viewers can miss out but some guidelines on these might help them here. Read on to know the tips.

The Back-Up Plan Has Much Confusion

Zoe creates a lot of confusion for her boyfriend Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) when she tries to hide her pregnancy. To find out what happens in Zoe’s life you must visit theatres near you.