A History of Reality Television Programming Before and After Satellite TV

If you’re thinking about reality television, you might be focused on people having to eat bugs to win cars or watching a lot of attractive and drunk co-eds falling all over each other during spring break. But the truth is that reality television has existed for a lot longer than people realize, albeit in a less Cinema Verite sense.

Toy Story 3 – Is This the Movie That All Merchandisers Have Been Waiting For?

On the 18th June 2010, Toy Story 3, the third in a successful line of animated films produced by Pixar will be released in the US. This time, co-director Lee Unkrich goes it alone with this latest version of the popular computer animated series detailing the adventures of a group of toys belonging to a young boy Andy. This latest film is being predicted as the cinematic sensation of 2010. Will the movie live up to all the hype?

5 Movies That Break Up the Monotony on Satellite TV

If you are a regular moviegoer, you may find yourself a bit fed up with the Hollywood formula after a while. After all, it’s not the formula but the departure from the formula which turns an ordinary film into something great.

Watch All of Your Favorite Sandra Bullock Movies on Satellite TV

For those out there who have been on Team Bullock ever since the spunky actress redefined what it meant to be a leading lady with equal amounts of reliability and grace with “Miss Congeniality,” there’s nothing quite as relaxing or heartwarming as catching her latest film. And with all of the talk of her personal life in the media lately, it seems as though the absolute best way to celebrate her multi-talents and skyrocketing career isn’t to pick apart her personal life, but rather, to look at some of her best roles.

Where to Get the TV Schedule For the Day

There are times that we hope we know what is in store for us the next few hours. Well if you are addicted to shows and cable movies, then knowing the TV schedule is one of the most important tasks that you must do on a daily basis. By doing so, you would know if there are shows worth waiting for.

Africa – Destination Point For Shooting Notable Hollywood Movies

The names of a few Nigerian actors have been recorded in the annals of ‘foreign movies’ dating from the colonial times. Late Pa Orlando Martins (1899-1985) was the first Nigerian to act in a movie titled “Sanders of the River” by Edgar Rice Buroughs in 1935. The film was partly shot in Nigeria and he acted alongside American actor, Paul Robeson. He was part of the cast in “Black Libel” which unfortunately was not released due to an incomplete shooting. He featured in “Man from Morocco”, and “Man of Two Worlds” which gave him the desired breakthrough into the limelight.

Twilight Saga – Eclipse – The Movie and the Stars

The Twilight phenomenon continues with the movie Eclipse. Gossip about it is prevalent on Twitter and all the social media channels. Articles abound in magazines, ezines and television talk shows. A cast member, Robert Pattinson talks in riddles when he appears on one of the many talk shows and during interviews.

The Burst Of Reality TV Programmes On To The Nigerian Scene

Reality TV programmes were uncommon in Nigeria prior to the Millennium era. Those who could afford to subscribe to cable television were enthralled by the foreign reality TV shows. All we had were regular local/foreign TV programmes dealing with various subject matters ranging primarily from politics, sports, to religion and entertainment. In the USA, Reality TV programmes such as Survivor, American idol, America’s next top model, The Amazing race, Dancing with the stars, Big brother, The Apprentice, have certainly changed the lives of the winners for the better.

The Barrage Of Flawed Plots & Recycled Themes In Nollywood Movies

There has been a clamour for movie makers to introduce new dimensions and other positive sides that reflect our society’s norms and values into our stories, and not the promotion of a deluge of negative stories being portrayed about Nigerians to the International communities. I believe however, that the so called negative stories being projected in our movies, (if we must be truthful to ourselves), represents holistically what obtains in our society.

The Functionality of Film Studios in Nollywood

Hollywood boasts of an array of big studios with high tech facilities such as Sony pictures entertainment, Paramount pictures, Universal studios, 20th Century fox, Warner bros, and Walt Disney. Shooting of movies can take place either in the studios or on location (external or internal) places. Directors in Hollywood and Bollywood can opt to shoot their movies through any of the alternatives. Unfortunately, the same can’t really be said of their counterpart, Nollywood. Despite its being rated as the second largest movie producing body in the world, it is ludicrous to note that filming in this modern day and age are carried out primarily on location.

Nollywood Film Makers Low Rated Interest For Adapted Works

Having read an array of Novels and Comic books, movie goers in the USA seem to prefer the re-living of exciting moments from these works played by a life cast (adaptation) to original works. The strategy seems to be paying off with remarkable box office hits being recorded and has become a case of ADAPTED WORKS VS ORIGINALITY.

DVD Storage Boxes Keep Your Entertainment Options Organized and Ready to Play

DVD storage boxes are one of the most overlooked items in most home entertainment areas. Unfortunately, not all people consider buying one since they do not see the need for it. In fact, most people consider them as something that can waste precious space in their entertainment area.