X Factor: Er, Haven’t We Seen You Before?

Has the X Factor exhausted the talent pool for contestants? We ask this question because the amount of returnees to the X Factor in 2013 seems to be huge. In the three weeks of being back on our screens there has been countless occasions where it has been reminded to us that a particular singer had already auditioned.

Audiences Hail “Riddick” As a Return to Form

“Riddick,” the much-anticipated third film to feature the titular antihero played by Vin Diesel, offers a refreshing back-to-basics science-fiction story that has been warmly received by critics and fans alike. Set five years after the events in 2004’s “The Chronicles of Riddick,” the film opens with a short flashback sequence with a cameo by Karl Urban reprising his role as Vaako. It then moves away from the second film’s convoluted plot and returns to the series’ roots.

The Last Dragon Movie Review

Being born in the 80’s and being a martial arts fan as a kid, I was always going to have a soft spot for this movie. I came across it when I was only small and because the name sounded familiar (Enter the Dragon being my favourite movie at the time). I didn’t know then that this would be one of the only times it was ever shown to my knowledge on UK TV. I have never seen it on tv since, and only just recently re-purchased the DVD.

Skyfall Movie Review

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in this movie that is also celebrating 50 years since the Bond franchise began. After a lengthy delay, and the 50 year celebrations, there was plenty of hype behind this, but did it live up to the expectations I had?

The Shining Movie Review

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of my favourite horrors of all time. The Stephen King novel is brought to life by Kubrick with the help of some superb acting from Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd and a brilliantly haunting soundtrack.

The Life and Career of Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff Jr. was born on July 29, 1973, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the son of Steve Dorff, a country music songwriter who has worked with such luminaries as George Strait and Clay Walker, garnering multiple awards nominations.

“SHORT TERM 12” – A New Film Review

Have you ever been talked to by countless people or read reviews on some matter and they all simply take one direction of thought that simply does not jibe with your own opinion about the matter in question. If so, then you know how I feel as I begin to make a new film report on “SHORT TERM 12”. So at the start of this report: I want to apologize for the obstinacy I am showing in not being able to articulate this movie in the way that others have expressed.

Anne Frank – The Whole Story (2001)

The main character is Anne Frank, a beautiful, dreamy Jewish teenager who dies in a concentration camp during The Second World War. It was said she became a symbol for the one and a half million Jewish children killed in what was called “The Final Solution”.

August Unspared in the 2013 Summer of Movie Flops

The month of August is generally considered the summer doldrums at the box office. The big blockbusters expected to gross in the hundreds of millions of dollars are usually released during June and July to take advantage of vacationing teenagers and the long Fourth of July weekend. This leaves movies released in August batting box-office cleanup, attempting to pull in the last remaining summer dollars before school begins again.

The Bling Ring: Movie Review

After being expelled from Calabasas High School for excessive absences, Marc Hall (Israel Broussard), a quiet and friendless teenager with self-esteem problems, transfers to Indian Hills High School. He is quickly befriended by Rebecca Ahn (Katie Chang) who is obsessed with celebrity culture, and the pair bond over their shared love of fashion.

The Biggest Blockbusters of August

One of the best things about summer has always been the release of the year’s great blockbusters. For decades, Hollywood has been in the habit of releasing its slow, deliberately paced works of art in the downtime between summer and Christmas. The larger family films have been coming at the end of the year.

I Spit On Your Grave – The Notorious Video Nasty

I Spit On Your Grave grave – whose original title was Day of the Woman – is one of the most controversial horror movies of all time. When it was first released as Day of the Woman in 1978, the extent of the violence was so graphic that the movie had to be edited down quite considerably, in strict adherence to the regulations of the Motion Picture Association of America.