The Silent Era’s Divas

Movie goers of the Silent Era were Intrigued by the leading ladies of that time. The brooding of a Vamp, the looseness of a Flapper or just the seductive charms of a Femme Fatale, they enjoyed what these women offered them.

Cannes Film Festival Ignites Feminists

The Cannes Film Festival is no stranger to controversies. Actress Simone Silva’s revealing photo shoot in 1954 and French director Louis Malle’s attempt to have the festival shut down in 1968 are two of the festival’s most scandalous moments. The 2012 festival, however, is dealing with a much more political controversy. In a year of many impressive films, none of the 22 films nominated for the competition have been directed by women.

Web Video Marketing 101

As more and more people use the Internet in search of information, web videos have also become effective in reaching and connecting with potential customers. Clearly, videos engage people in a way that photos and text alone can’t.

The Hollywood Reporter Vs. Variety

There are two trade magazines that are must-reads in show business. Rivals since their inception, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are the sources for box-office information and reviews, as well as information on auditions and possible acting jobs.

The Video Production Process in 3 Easy Steps

Video production can be very complex. It’s easy to watch a cool video and get excited about making one similar to it. However, this process requires a series of steps not to mention expensive equipment and a crew. If you want to get a video produced, having a clear understanding of the entire process can save you time, money, headaches and yield a far superior product.

Aspirations Do Come True – Preview of Aayna Ka Bayna – The Dance Film

It reminds me of an old adage by the Novelist Charles Wilson, “No matter the size of the bottle, the cream always rises to the top.” Talent stands out. It gets you noticed.

How Silent Comedies Portrayed Social Inequality

Silent era comedies showed more about what was really true to life. The silent comedy actors of that era made it all seem so real.

The Perfect Movie Based On The Book

Book lovers often don’t love movies books are based on, or at least they don’t love them as much. But what would the ideal movie based on the book look like? Is it even possible?

Movie Review: Men in Black III (3) (2012)

The necessity of a third Men in Black movie is questionable, but one could envision an opportunity to capitalize on the witty chemistry between Will Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K while also escalating the inevitably alien antagonist. Yet Men in Black III instead opts to change the formula by swapping out the cranky older man for a stern younger version in a stale time travel adventure. Plus, the villain is more devoid of personality than expected, even given the series’ predictable downward progression.

Alien (Blu-Ray)

I’ve always been a fan of horror. Even as a child, I enjoyed being scared out of my wits by any number of goblins, ghosts, serial killers, or things from outer space that resemble someone’s thrown-up seafood. My taste in movies tends to shift back and forth on occasion, but one genre I’m always game for is a good scary movie. And Alien is one of my perennial favorites. And so, when the movie was released on Blu-ray awhile back, I picked it up. My DVD copy wasn’t in bad shape, but I had a few extra birthday bucks to spare and I thought my collection could use a little updating. So, I went with the Alien Anthology, an impressive grouping of all four canon films in the Alien series with some special behind-the-scene extras.

I Want My Analog TV Back

I had held out longer than most when it came to buying my first HDTV. Now I wish I had held out longer. I now think I want my old analog TV back.

The Decline of Modern Theatre – A Reality or Simply Industry Paranoia?

This article is about the decline in popularity of the theatre. It explores the effects of the economic downturn and the increasing dominance of digital media on the theatrical profession, and whether there is any truth in such social changes marking the end of traditional theatre.