Special Effects – What Does the Term Mean?

Movie audiences are amazed to watch the spectacular effects shown on screen in the latest Hollywood blockbusters. While movie fans are thrilled to see these effects on screen, most of them haven’t the faintest idea how these effects are achieved by the wizards of movie magic. ‘Special effects’ is a widely used term in movie circles but it is also a vague term that can mean different things to different people. In this article, we will try to understand what exactly is meant by the term ‘Movie Special Effects’.

5 Reasons Not to Miss the New Transformers Film

The latest sensation of Hollywood presented by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen, is worth every penny that you spend. Like the first part of Transformers, this one is also a blockbuster. After the first movie, the audience was left wanting for more.

TV Hosting – 3 Affordable Things to Do to Become a Television Host While You’re on a Low Budget

So you want to be a television host huh? And let’s say you don’t have a lot of money for headshots, classes and hiring professional camera folk. Perhaps you’re a paycheck away from destitute but you have this burning desire to host that refuses to be squelched. Never fear! The steps within this article will get you on the road to becoming the TV Host you’re born to be.

The Obligations of Being an Actor

I’ve mentioned the responsibility one has to one’s self when it comes to the path of pursuing entertainment as a career. I recall a friend in the industry once telling me, years ago, that “character is what defines our choices when the choices aren’t obvious.”

The Alzheimer’s Project – The Memory Loss Tapes

The Memory Loss Tapes is the first part of the HBO special series on Alzheimer’s, and is a powerful documentary about memory loss, care for the elderly, and mortality. The entire series can be streamed from the HBO website.

Spiderman Costumes Hit the Headlines

Is there no end to Spiderman’s popularity? The answer is a resounding “no”. Spiderman is one of those timeless classic superheroes which appeal to young and old alike, with Spiderman costumes continuing to be top sellers for fancy dress retailers.

The US Digital Television (DTV) Transition 2009

On June 12, 2009 all television stations must convert to pure digital broadcasting, and will no longer broadcast in analog. That means that your rabbit ears, antenna, or analog television will no longer work, and you will lose your television signal.

Why a Sequel of Transformers is Coming Up

There is a sequel coming up for the first Transformers film, which was released in 2007 and had taken the fans by storm. The sequel is due to be released on the 19th of June 2009. There are many reasons because of which the Transformers deserved to have a sequel.

Top 5 Irritating Facts About Television

If you watch a lot of television then this list will feel very familiar to you. We made a simple list counting down the top 5 of irritating facts about television.

The Blu-ray Version of Taken is Great

Taken had a great run at the box office. It is a mystery thriller about an ex-spy who has to find his daughter that was kidnapped by modern day slave traders.

Television Shows About Culinary Arts

Hooked on to reality shows? Like to cook? How about combining both of them, and watching reality cooking shows? Cook up a storm, stir up some emotions and add a dash of competitive spirit and there you go – just the right mix for a perfect dish!

Shah Rukh Khan – Why He’s King of Bollywood

Bollywood is big news. If you want to know who’s who in B-town, you need to start with Shah Rukh Khan. With more than a billion fans worldwide and an influence that rivals Oprah; he’s a bigger star than anyone Hollywood has to offer.