‘Paan Singh Tomar’: The Story of an Outlaw Athlete

It’s a great biopic reflecting the life of Paan Singh Tomar. He, born in 1932, was a foot soldier before being discovered as a stout runner of six-foot-tall who ran like a mighty horse. Steeplechase was his forte where he excelled and emerged as a national hero who set and broke many records.

Sitcom Actors Who Became Lifelong Friends

The airing of Lifetime’s behind-the-scenes movie about Saved by the Bell is causing quite a stir from fans of the classic sitcom, and the details about the animosity among the actors have served to recall other TV sitcoms whose stars did not get along away from the set. While the scandals are entertaining to an extent, it is unfortunate that little attention is ever given to the shows on which the actors became lifelong friends.

The High Expense of Actors Versus the Options of Reality TV

The latest fad to sweep the television industry is “Reality TV,” which has become one of the largest features on the air with nearly a hundred different versions created to date. A wide variety of content is offered as to make it appealing to a vastly diverse arena of spectators. There is no doubt about it; this new style of TV programming is a hit with the American people with ratings that have literally gone through the roof.

“Sin City” Sequel “A Dame to Kill For” Is As Stunning As the First

In 2005, “Sin City” broke new ground in the comic book film genre, blending a violent, hard-hitting story with cutting-edge visuals to make a film unlike anything that audiences had ever seen before. The franchise’s 2014 entry, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” is a sequel that delivers all the thrills, mayhem and awesome visuals of the first and then some. Frank Miller, author of the “Sin City” graphic novels, directs along with Robert Rodriguez.

The Trip to Italy – A New Film Report

I enjoyed this movie for a lot of reasons. First, it had a quite inviting concept: Two British guys in a Mini Cooper convertible set out on a road trip from the north of Italy (in Piedmonte), drive along the Italian Riviera -as they cover Liguria and Amalfi)– and finish up on the Isle of Capri. As they tool along, we get to glimpse views that are stunning… We’re talking about a coast line and a background that have been part of the living presence of Italians for thousands of years. That’s one reason to visit this film.

“The Expendables 3”: New Faces, Classic Action

“The Expendables 3” is the long-awaited third installment and is packed with some of Hollywood’s favorite testosterone-packed action heroes. The sheer number of famous faces in this film is staggering, with fan favorites like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson – just to name a few – returning to the big screen for one massive reunion.

Films A Haulier Might Identify With

The specificities of a haulier’s job may cause them to identify more with certain types of films than others. Discover some of those films here.

THE GIVER – A New Film Report

I sometimes do this thing, which often turns out cool: I will take one word; and with each of its letters I’ll make a new word and run those words in sequence– in order to create some sort of new conception of what the original word just might mean. In the case of the film I’ve just seen–The Giver– I wondered what the words might say: (It) GOT INVOLVED VERY EXISTENTIALLY REPULSIVE(!)… Well… I must admit: that might well sum up what this film ends up being.

Retirement Issues for Boomers: About Schmidt, the Movie

About Schmidt (with Jack Nicholson) is an excellent movie for new retirees! Nicholson plays a newly retired insurance guy, who finds retirement isn’t quite what he had hoped for… sound familiar?

Megan Fox Brings New Life to April O’Neil

Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael. Some people see these names and are reminded of iconic Renaissance-era artists. However, many other people see these names and are reminded of a certain quartet of sewer-dwelling, vigilante mutant reptiles.

13 Things ‘The Bachelor’ Taught Me

Reality television programs do not simply showcase the narcissistic and catty drama, they do actually teach us about human nature and the best and worst in human relationships. The Bachelor has taught me…

Monuments Men

The Monuments Men is an unusual war movie, at best. I say unusual because compared to most other war films this movie unfolds at a relatively slow pace, which I think both adds to, and takes away from, this film. Set during the end of WWII, Monuments Men is about a platoon constructed of various soldiers with ties to the art world: art scholars, architects, historians, curators etc. It was their mission to save as many artifacts and other works of art from being looted or destroyed during the conflict. In war, lives are lost, cities are destroyed, and sadly, entire generations can be wiped out. The Monuments Men mandate was to save as much artwork as possible in hopes of preserving the history of Europe and its people, so that after the dust of WWII had settled there would still be something left.