Amazing Sound Recordings in Movies

Sound recordings in movies as know today did not exist before 1927. The development of digital technology as created sound recording for the enjoyment of movie goers. Before 1927 the pit orchestra provided sound for movies. When the transition took place, many critics predicted its failure. Today, it’s a phenomenal success and is well received by movie goers, producers, directors, entertainers, and the like.

Does Anyone Miss Old Horror Movies?

Is there anyone else out there getting bored of all this modern horror and misses a good old classic film? The more we watch them, the more we start to figure out where the scares are going to be.

“Revolutionary Road” – A Film Reflection

I loved Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in James Cameron’s blockbuster, “Titanic,” and I knew their inherent electricity together would charge their latest collaboration in “Revolutionary Road,” directed by Kate’s husband, Sam Mendes. The film is set in the mid 50’s when people still smoked cigarettes in their business offices, and is based on a novel (published in 1961) by Richard Yates. We follow two characters, Frank Wheeler and his wife, April, as their life together takes unexpected turns.

“Miss Congeniality 2” is Not the Right Vehicle For Sandra Bullock’s Potential As an Actress

Ah, sequels. I am trying to think of one that was better than the original and cannot, and when the original was only average, then you get the idea of where I would rate “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous”. Just what is the problem here, and why isn’t Bullock getting that elusive Oscar nomination as Best Actress?

Seinfeld – The Show

Seinfeld, the ‘show about nothing’ is one of the greatest sitcom’s throughout all time. With the situation and observational humor of Jerry Seinfeld and the comedic genius that is Larry David, it is no wonder that the show was an unstoppable force.

Who Will Win the X-Factor Fashion Stakes?

With The X-Factor returning to our screens not all eyes will be on the contestants. The female judges, Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue, will no doubt be wowing us with their designer looks each week.

One of the Great Travesties in Film History – Audrey Hepburn in “Paris – When it Sizzles”

We may never know how Audrey Hepburn ended up playing opposite William Holden in the romantic comedy “Paris – When It Sizzles”. What we can say without doubt is that it was the worst movie of her illustrious career. Is this film bad? Naw, it is worse than terrible; it is unconscionable, unnecessary and inappropriate. Find out why.

The X Factor’s New Format, Does it Work?

The whole nation has been anticipating the return of the X Factor to our TV screens. The summer can be quite boring for TV as a lot of the great shows are only aired in the winter.

Zombie Madness – The Zombie Cult

The sight of a dead person with smelly rotting flesh, out stretched hands, hunting for human meat, repeatedly saying a particular word after a set interval and walking at the speed of a turtle with two legs should be a dead give away that you are in zombie land. The mindless living dead a.k.a Zombies have captured the imagination of many people around the world.

Wizards Vs Vampires Review

‘Wizards vs. Vampires’ is a special four part series on the hit show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. When a rival vampire family move next door to the Russo family and open a competing cafe, all is not normal on the show. Things are complicated even further when Juliet, the young daughter of the vampire family, strikes up a relationship with Justin.

Finding the Next Miley Cyrus

Every few years, Disney needs to find a new superstar to lead their brand image. Currently, Miley Cyrus holds that title but as she moves on to different things there is a new position opening up.

War Movies Continue to Be Popular

If you’re looking to make a lot of money at the box office, there are several themes that are goldmines. Buddy comedies always seem to do well, as do romantic comedies. Big historical epics are a bit riskier, but if done right can pay off with huge dividends. Another type of movie that can be hard to create but has a huge audience is a war movie.