Maria Grazia Cucinotta – An Italian Enigma

Maria Grazia took a liking to modeling at a very young age and spends a lot of her time in the fashion capital, Milan. Italian history was blessed with many beautiful ladies from Siciliy and this sicilian godess took the modeling scene by storm. It was said that the dullest of colours also will look good on Maria. The next stop indeed has to be the television. If her entry into modeling was like a storm then this was hurricane. Very soon Television Scenario became too small to have Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Her success in Television made it sure that she will enter the Movies with a huge reputation.

Movie Posters – Publicity Tool For Directors

Movie posters can help a director to promote his movie in the best way. Look for your favorite movie posters and make them a part of your poster collection.

Reality TV – Here to Stay But Should it Be?

In 2000 reality TV hit the airwaves with a vengeance. The writers were on strike and CBS took a gamble on a show called Survivor. This little show about regular people stranded on a deserted island blew the doors off of television as we know it and reality TV was here to stay. The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Bachelor and others have captured the viewing public and made reality TV a force not to be ignored.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Still Captivating Children

Halloween has always been an important time for dressing up in different costumes and characters from Disney have always popular. A strange phenomena is the increasing popularity in adults dressing up to. A Snow White adult costume is now more popular than ever. Could this be because related to the fact that Snow White still appeals to children today? Their parents are watching them enjoy the story of Snow White and are reliving their own childhood and getting lost in the fairytale themselves. Let’s look at Snow White and see why this movie is still captivating our children today.

Zune Movies – Things to Keep in Mind When Downloading

One of the best things about the Zune player is the ability to store and play Zune movies. A typical player is about 30 gigabytes and this device can be a serious multimedia workhorse especially for movie buffs and TV show aficionados.

The Great Internet Movie Rental Phenomenon

The latest craze for movie buffs everywhere is coming to a living room near you, if it hasn’t already. Internet movie rental services are making waves and gaining in popularity amongst time strapped film fans and budget conscious consumers alike. You may already have heard of Netflix and Blockbuster Online, but did you know about the cutting edge services that these companies have been busy developing? Let’s take a closer look at the online rental phenomenon and see whats coming next.

Which Reality TV Shows Match Your Body and Mind?

When you think about reality television, chances are that there are some shows that really appeal to you and other shows that you really just can not stand. This is true for most people when they think about reality television and it is true for them because of the fact that different reality television shows look at different parts of the human condition. Different parts of that condition tend to hold special or otherwise significant meaning for different people and that is exactly why reality television is such a varied landscape.

Will the Film Notorious Live Up to Biggie’s Legacy?

I look at the Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious and shares his thoughts on the upcoming film. Early reviews of the script don’t sound promises, but I hold out hope that the movie will please fans.

Where Can I Purchase Movie Posters? – Memorabilia Stores For Movie Fans

When people ask themselves the question “Where can I purchase movie posters”, they usually come up with the same answers. Normally they are thinking something like: “movie poster retailers,” or “poster shops” or maybe “eBay.” These answers are okay as far as they go,but people don’t realize there are better sources where you can get movie posters.

Lingerie Bowl – A New Reality For TV

Reality TV seems to be everywhere on the small screen these days. What can be traced back to programs like Candid Camera of the late 1940’s is now a powerhouse with no signs of slowing down. The history and basic considerations of the reality TV genre are considered. This is a fascinating read and demonstrates the willingness of television executives to just do more of the same. “If it works, keep doing it,” seems to be the mantra of television programmers who scramble for every ratings point available.

Movies in India – Going Places

Movies in India have been a constant source of entertainment for generation of Indians. Over the years, the style of making the movies has changed. A lot of regional movies too are made India, but it is the Hindi film industry that rules the roost.

The Coming Out of Demi Lovato in Disney

Disney Channel is the one of America’s most successful children channel. Most of its programs are original series and movies as well that are promoted mostly to children.